Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ferris Bueller, you're my hero

I don't know about you guys, but when I think of Chicago, there are a couple of things that immediately spring to mind:
1. While You Were Sleeping.
2. The Blues Brothers.
3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Given that, I had high hopes for adventures while I was here. And Chicago, you delivered in fine form. Okay, so I didn't exactly ride a parade float down Dearborn Street, but it's been pretty damned memorable. Thursday was filled with jetlag, shopping and spontaneous computer purchasing. On Friday, I had every intention of going to the Art Institute. I decided I was going to walk around the lake to get there. And by the time I pulled out the map to check which street I needed, I was a couple of blocks past it. So I figured I'd go to the Field Museum. Only then I got to the museum campus and went "Oooooh, aquarium!!". So I wound up going there instead #decisionmakinggenius

The aquarium was pretty fun though. There were poison dart frogs and everything.


Friday night was when things really got interesting. Because it was the pre-20SB Summit cocktail party at the Crimson Lounge of the Sax Hotel. So I got tarted dressed up and walked over there (which was when the pavement ate the heel of my shoe). I was anticipating all kinds of awkward standing around, seeing as I'm not the type to go and introduce myself to people. But it was all avoided thanks to Helena, who saw me standing there like the introvert I am and rescued me from myself. (Thanks lovely!!)

The party itself was fun - there were Viking hats and free booze and photo booths and all manner of good things. But the bestest part of all was that I FIIIIIIIIIIIIINALLY got to meet Lor and Sweeney and Penny. #OMGSOEXCITING An entire packet of Tim Tams *may* have been consumed.

The real story, though, started after the party. Penny and I were staaaaaarving, so we wandered around looking for food. Then the following conversation happened:
Sweeney: What time is it?
Lor: I think about 9.30?
Random possibly homeless dude walking down the street: Actually, it's almost 10.00, ladies!
All of us: Um, thanks.
Random possibly homeless dude walking down the street: So, what time do the panties come off?
Me: *snorts*
Lor and Sweeney: *horror*
Penny: How about NEVER O'CLOCK!!
Bouncer guy standing nearby: Did he REALLY just say that?!?!

Shortly thereafter, hysterical laughter set in. It was only made worse by the bouncer at the bar we tried to go to insisting that he wouldn't let us in until he'd fed us each a piece of the Mrs. Field's icecream sandwich cookie thing he was eating. There's a SMALL possibility that we threw Sweeney to the wolves and insisted that he feed her the piece of cookie sandwich thing and just hand pieces of it to the rest of us. I like to think of it as America delivering her with all the batshit craziness it possibly could before she leaves for Paris this week. So Sweeney, we were purely doing our part to make the weekend as memorable as possible! ;)

Sadly, my flight to Denver is about to board, so the rest of the weekend's insanity will have to wait until another time. Still, I think Ferris Bueller would be proud. Don't you?

K xx


  1. Aww, I'm so glad we met! What an awesome weekend!

  2. Haha, glad you had a good time! :)

  3. Sounds like you're having a fantastic time. We made it to Chicago in 2003 and spent a few days there with my wife's aunt. We also got to visit my Uncle in Cleveland, before flying on to see the sights in the D.C., Pennsylvania, & Virginia area. The buildings and homes in D.C., Georgetown in particular, have such a heavy English influence that it made me homesick.

    Hope you continue to have an amazing trip in Denver. Never made it up to Colorado myself. Been here since '98 and have only set foot out of California just a few times. Although I have the honor of having played an honest-to-God game of Aussie Rules in Phoenix, Arizona :)

    Oh, I have no idea what your schedule is like or where Washington Park is in Denver in relation to where you're staying, but if you're interested or curious the Denver Bulldogs (7 time USAFL Champions) apparently train at Washington Park every Wednesday evening from 6pm until "dark".

  4. What time do the panties come off?? Oh my god. I think that's going to be my new conversation opener...

    I've always wanted to visit Chicago! Glad you had an awesome time :)

  5. @Helena - me too!! And it was indeed. I wish it hadn't ended...
    @Cap'n John - thanks for the tip! Especially seeing as I didn't get the chance to go to a game back home this year :)
    @Shannon - RIGHT?! It's both awesome and terrible at the same time...

  6. Ferris would be totally pleased :)

    Denver's a cool city! Enjoy!

  7. That actually sounds really awesome. I cannot tell you how jealous I am of all you bloggers that were able to attend!

    Glad to hear Chi-town is treating you ...errrr, friendly. Kinda. haha

  8. Sounds like you're having an amazing time - much jealousy!


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