Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chicago, part 1 of a millionty

Holy shitballs, you guys. I have SO many stories to tell you, and absolutely no idea where to start... While I was at dinner earlier, I actually made a list of all the stuff that's happened since I arrived that I want to blog about, and it's two pages long. So I'm going to go with bullet pointing some of it purely to avoid writing the longest posts in history.

  • Chicago is kind of anti-escalators. I caught the train into the city from O'Hare and lugging my suitcase up a  bazillion stairs was not fun.
  • Deep dish pizza takes a really freaking long time to cook. Especially when you haven't slept in 26 hours and go out in search of dinner at 8.45pm.
  • Despite seeming like the healthy option at the time, broccoli has no place in/on a pizza...
  • I lasted a whopping 24 hours connecting to Wifi on my phone before going to Best Buy and spending $250 on a shiny new Netbook. On the plus side, it will make blogging a lot easier! 
  • Despite saying that you're only in the country for six weeks and that you'll be travelling, the serving wench person will still try to upsell you to a $900 state of the art laptop. Urm. NO...
  • When you buy a prepaid mobile phone that costs $10, you get what you pay for.
  • American TV seems to show nothing but Law & Order: SVU. I swear, all I've seen in the past 5 days is that, adverts and baseball.
  • The collective noun for a group of jellyfish is a smack. Random, right?!
  • Chicago apparently has really wide pavement cracks and hates my shoes. On my way to the pre-20SB Summit party on Friday night, the heel of one shoe got stuck in a pavement crack. When I got home hours later, I found that the end of my heel had actually been PULLED OFF. So somewhere, in the depths of central Chicago, is the end of my heel...
  • I can't for the life of me master the art of walking on the right.
  • I'm pretty sure that the only reason I haven't been hit by a car is because I've been ensuring someone else enters the pedestrian crossing first just in case I've looked the wrong way and someone is running the light...
  • I kind of suck at map reading.
And I believe that covers things up to the pre-20SB Summit party, which was where things REALLY got interesting. So I think that's a story for another post.

How's things with you guys?
K xx


  1. Glad you're enjoying yourself! Though I can see how a broccoli pizza would sound better than it tastes.

    I shall volunteer to be chief map-reader when we catch up in a few weeks! I cannot help with the excessive SVU though. *That* is a worldwide problem :-)

  2. At least you had SVU to break the mega-tedium of baseball...

  3. Before crossing the street in Nth America best to mutter under breath, 'Look left, right and left again' in order to survive!

  4. Oh sweetie... I could have told you some of these things. (For example: while there may not be escalators, there is usually an elevator hidden somewhere at the train station. Or to NEVER put broccoli on your pizza.) But that's OK. And don't worry... I can't read maps either. Can't wait to hear more about the summit though! And I apologize for the TV... it's baseball season and everyone is only thinking about the Sox and Cubs up in Chicago at the moment.

  5. I think Law and Order reruns pretty accurately describes the majority of American television (we watch it every night here). I can't wait to hear all about the Summit.

  6. I think Law and Order reruns pretty accurately describes the majority of American television (we watch it every night here). I can't wait to hear all about the Summit.

  7. The broccoli thing doesn't surprise me, because in a deep dish pizza situation you're basically looking at a huge piece of bread with some broccoli and cheese on it. And they don't make broccoli sandwiches, do they...

    Sucks about your heel. Good thing you have two pairs, huh? ;)

    ~* Ness xoxo

  8. We really do love us some Law & Order. This is largely because there are about four hundred millionty incarnations of the show, but yeah, it's on syndication on nearly every network ever.

  9. @Kat - I think the problem is less my map reading skills and more my ability to determine which way I need to go along a street. I constantly seemed to be walking in the wrong direction!
    @Cam - true dat.
    @Emmy - apparently I was at one of the few non-disabled friendly stations, so all it had were stairs. And I'm going to blame the jetlag for the broccoli decision!!
    @Kathy - I got to see a bunch of episodes I hadn't seen before, so it wasn't all bad!
    @Nessa - And you thought I was cray-cray for packing two pairs of heels ;)
    @Sweeney - I'm mostly surprised that it was only ever SVU. Never the original, or UK or LA. Once it was Criminal Intent. But the rest was SVU. And from all different years too!


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