Monday, August 1, 2011

Apparently, I'm a moron

So as you guys will know if you read my 30 Days of Books posts, I love me some Charles Dickens. I also love me some BBC costume drama. When Bleak House came out a few years ago (holy crap, I just IMDB'd it and it came out in TWO THOUSAND AND FIVE. I feel old now...), I was all over it. Obviously, because Andrew Davies did the screenplay, and the man is a genius. Seriously - he's responsible for House of Cards, Pride & Prejudice, Little Dorrit, Wives & Daughters, Sense & Sensibility, Vanity Fair, and BRIDGET JONES' DIARY. That's a pretty spectacular list.

AnyIhaveapoint, despite the miniseries coming out in 2005, I still haven't read the book. So when I found a copy of the Penguin Classics edition at the Borders closing down sale recently, I jumped on it and had every intention of reading it straight away. But then I got distracted by the need to reread all of Harry Potter before seeing the last movie, not to mention moving back to Melbourne, so I still hadn't had a chance to pick it up.

Now, you may have noticed Little Dorrit in the Andrew Davies list above. I watched his adaptation last year, and loved it, despite the presence of Matthew McFugly Macfadyen (who I can't stand) and Russell Tovey crying CONSTANTLY. (I swear to God, Russell Tovey cries more than Dean Winchester. And if you watch Supernatural, you'll know that's saying something...) And Little Dorrit is ALSO on the list of Dickens books I haven't read. So when I wandered into a shop this time last week that was selling all books for $5, I picked up a copy of Little Dorrit.

And apparently Little Dorrit was foremost of the two in my mind because when I started reading Bleak House this morning, I got horribly confused as to why the story suddenly revolved around a court case and not around a debtor's prison like I thought it would.

So basically, to sum up? I read 30 pages of Bleak House before realising I wasn't reading the book I thought I was. Nice work, me. Nice work...

K xx

PS. Since watching the first disc of Doctor Who series 1 last week, I rather want to read The Mystery of Edwin Drood as well. But I suspect adding a THIRD Dickens book to the equation would just tip me over the edge into full insanity, so that might have to wait a while!!


  1. I am reading Great Expectations again as we speak! I love me some Dickens too!!!!

    Also, you are stressed, not a moron. Because if reading 30 pages of the wrong book by mistake is the criteria for moron-dom, then I hit that looooong ago! :)

  2. A Tale of Two Cities is high on my list - I am just waiting for it to come back to the library. So right now I am reading James Joyce - Not the same.

  3. Bi - glad to know I'm not alone!! ;)
    Deidre - yeah, James Joyce is definitely not the same as Charles Dickens! I hate waiting for things to be returned to the library when you just want to get stuck in to reading it!!


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