Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yes, I said camera HANDBAG

A couple of months ago during gallery install, my (now, sadly, former) work wife, R, told me that one of the guys on the team had started a somewhat bizarre conversation at lunchtime. It apparently went something like this:
Possibly suicidal man: So I've found that there are three types of women in the world.
Hoard of women on the team: *glare* Go on...
Possibly suicidal man: Yeah, three types. The first type? They like shoes. The second type? Handbags. The third? Shoes AND handbags.
Hoard of women on the team: Well, I suppose you can't really fault that logic...

I fall into the first category. It's all about the shoes where I'm concerned. Don't get me wrong, I APPRECIATE nice handbags, but I don't feel compelled to own more than one handbag. Owning more than one handbag seems like a terrible idea to me - it just means that whatever you're looking for is probably in your other bag. And considering I'm a little OCD about making sure I have my keys with me (as Sara - who, incidentally, falls into the handbag category - can attest), having more than one place in which they could be is really not a good idea.

AnyIhaveapoint, when I bought my 55-300mm lens at the start of the year, I quickly realised that it was about  10mm too long to fit in my camera bag. This led me to a predicament - to spend $100 on a massive (and probably hideous) camera bag that's big enough to hold both my lenses at once, or to investigate other possibilities.

I spent a decent chunk of time carrying my camera and my second lens around in my ACTUAL handbag, which (random tangent) looks like this, except more faded:

It's not exactly ideal for carrying camera gear, because the camera just gets to balance on top of my random crap keys, wallet, phone etcetera. But I liked the idea of not looking like you're carrying around a millionty dollars worth of camera gear.

Then, in about March, I stumbled across the Kelly Moore website, and I knew I'd found what I was looking for. Sadly, the colour I wanted was out of stock and wouldn't be back in stock until late April. So I figured I'd order one as a self-birthday present, have it shipped to Melbourne, and hope it arrived in time. Then it changed so that it wouldn't be shipped until late May. I hoped against hope that it would arrive when I was in Melbourne for Little Miss A's birthday at the end of May.

It didn't. Instead, it arrived WHILE I WAS ON THE WAY TO THE AIRPORT. Oh, postal service. Why must you taunt me so? Basically, it was only on Friday when I got back to Melbourne for good that I could finally see what I'd ordered.

Hello, lover. The colour is called 'muted teal', and I adore it. It's got enough space for a camera with a lens attached AND two lenses, along with room for all your other crap standard handbag stuff, meaning you only have to carry one bag. Oh, and it comes with a crossbody strap as well as a shoulder strap.

The inside has proper camera padding, and is purple.

What more do you need?! I can't wait to take it for a decent test run in the US next month :)

K xx

PS. Kelly Moore has no idea who I am, I just think her bags are freaking awesome.
PPS. They're kind of pricey, but you can totally take advantage of the Aussie dollar being through the roof at the moment!! ;)


  1. I saw these bags a while ago too (possible on Delightfully Tacky) & they are on my wish list. Your right, they are pricey but I forgot about the exchange rate. Maybe I will have to buy my own birthday present too ...

    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  2. FYI ... totally shoes girl too!

  3. OH MY GOD you finally got the bag! It looks good!

    I'm sure you'll appreciate the cross-body strap when you're carrying a couple of kgs of camera all day...

  4. @Kelly - if you know anyone visiting from the US soon, ship it to them and have them bring it out for you. You'll save yourself $50 in shipping!
    @Kat - I KNOW, RIGHT? The purchasing of this bag has been dragging on foreeeeeeeever. And yes, I agree about the shoulder strap :)

  5. Me?! a handbag woman...NEVER! I'm proud of you for not buying an ugly camera bag and look forward to meeting it in New York ;)

  6. That's pretty sweet! I got something similiar
    It's bigger than yours but I wanted it for my video camera so it's perfect for that. I should look at getting one like yours for my SLR.

  7. That is a freaking gorgeous camera handbag, but I would totally have no use for one.

    What do you do when you're neither a Handbag Woman or a Shoes Woman, though? I'm totally at a loss because, well, I don't like either. :(

  8. I totally want one of these hand bags, and I don't even have a fancy camera. NOR am I hand bag person.

  9. i've seen them but I'm in extreme poorness right now so I think I won't be buying it for a while. I think I should be buying things like food and paying bills first. Hehe.

  10. That person forgot to mention another type of woman... Women who loves fashion!


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