Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Small Snapshots: Patriotism

Whee, Small Snapshots time again!! :D

Apparently I completely vagued on the theme for this week, so didn't take any new photos for this week. Whoops. Although considering it's been raining since Sunday, I doubt I would have gotten any decent photos anyway!! 

The theme this week was patriotism - appropriate, given it was Canada Day on July 1st, and Independence Day on July 4th. Considering Australia Day is in January, there's not much of a connection there. BUT July 1st was Dorothea McKellar's birthday, and you can't get much more patriotic than My Country

In case you haven't been exposed to it a million times since childhood, Dorothea McKellar wrote a poem called My Country in 1904 when she was in London and homesick. The second stanza has become ridiculously famous in Australia:

I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains
Of ragged mountain-ranges
Of drought, and flooding rains
I love her far horizons
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror -
The wide brown land for me. 

Anyway, I figured I'd dig through the archives for some stuff that could fit with McKellar's work.

I love a sunburnt country - Parliament House, Canberra
A land of sweeping plains - Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory
Of ragged mountain ranges - Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
Of drought, and flooding rains - Kings Canyon, Northern Territory
I love her far horizons - Uluru, Northern Territory
I love her jewel-sea - Sullivan Bay, Victoria
Her beauty... - Opera House, Sydney
...and her terror - Freshwater crocodile, Healesville Sanctuary, Victoria
The wide brown land for me - Portland, Victoria

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K xx


  1. Oh man, this post made me feel so proud to be Aussie that I almost burst! I'm so patriotic.

  2. As long as it didn't make you homesick, Lissa!!

  3. 14 Wallaby Way
    Sydney, Australia

  4. Aww, that crocodile is kinda cute. :)

  5. Your country is so pretty..and looks all warm and toasty :)

  6. These pictures are so cool! I want to pack up all my crap and move to Australia now.

  7. @Lauren - I'm pretty sure you mean 42 Wallaby Way?? Unless the dentist has moved...
    @Bi - yeah, he is. Only a little baby one! I would have put up a picture of a shark or a salt water croc, but all the pictures I have of them are crap :(
    Celeste, Paige and Miss Sassy Pants - thanks! :)


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