Sunday, July 10, 2011

30 Days of Books - Day 29

Day 29 - A book everyone hated but you liked

I'm pretty much determined to finish this series before I leave Canberra (in FIVE DAYS. SQUEEEEE!!!!!!!!), so while I was packing and cleaning and scrubbing the bloody oven today, I was trying to think of a book I liked but everyone else hated. I even checked my Goodreads list to see if there was anything there that I gave a high rating to when it had a generally crappy rating. No dice.

So I've wound up going with a book I love that no one I've met has ever read (to my knowledge, anyway). I got my copy for $5 on the "Someone please buy these books or we're going to pulp them" table, which shows just how much no one has read it. As does the fact that only about 150 people have rated it on Goodreads. And the fact that it's now out of print...


Simon R. Green's Blood and Honour. I love Simon R. Green's books. It's fantasy, but it's not really like any other fantasy I've read. It's a lot gorier, for one. And his female characters kick arse. Literally. I've read a bit of his newer stuff, including the Nightside series, but my favourites are still The Forest Kingdom series, of which this is one.

Basically? If you ever find a copy of a Simon R. Green book, give it a go (and a good home). They may not be enormously popular, but they're great nonetheless!!

K xx

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  1. Nerd alert!! LOVES IT! You should see my fantasy book collection, it's quite alarming. I don't read them NOW, though.. Ahem. :)


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