Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sunshine and lollipops

There's nothing like the start of a four day weekend to make everything seem wonderful, is there?! The other day the lovely Carissa over at Kissed a Frog presented me with this:

The Sunshine Award! Thanks Carissa!! :) The rules are as follows:

- Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.
- Tell us something about yourself.
- Nominate 10 other bloggers and
- let them know that you awarded them!

So, some things about me, huh? Let's see.......
- I love data entry. I was completely thrilled today when we got a massive new data entry task at work. I don't really get why people hate it - you just turn your brain off and type and the next thing you know, it's finished!
- I HATE clothes shopping. But I love shoe shopping. Except when I find awesome shoes and they turn out to have ugly-arse wedge heels. Gross...
- This is what I did with my evening tonight:
Oh yes indeed...
- I'm moving back to Melbourne in 36 days. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
- I'm going to see X-Men: First Class tomorrow. In gold class. With cinema membership, it's only $20 before 5pm on a weekday. TOTALLY worth it.
- I love baking
- I'm pretty socially awkward in real life, so being a part of the blogosphere is freaking amazing, because I can make friends without saying something completely weird that stops the conversation dead.

I hereby pass this on to:
My BFF Sara @ Always a Bridesmaid
My other BFF Kat @ The Engineer's Other Life (even though Carissa gave it to her as well)
My other other BFF Nessa @ The Teensy Tiny Insignificant Details
Bi @ Bianca and the B-Sides
Lauren @ The Blog You're About to Read
Carly @ Tune Into Radio Carly
Joyful Sparrow @ A Sparrow's Flight
Emmy @ Love Woke Me Up This Morning
Lozzz123 @ Science, Spouses and Silliness
Kate @ Simply Kate

Go and check them all out, because they're all awesome bloggers! Oh, and if you haven't already, you've still got time to enter my delicious chocolatey giveaway!!

K xx


  1. Woot, thanks for the award!! You are my sunshine, my dear Kirsti! ;)

    Also, BUFFY?!! Yaaayyyy!!!! We should definitely nerd out together someday, haha!

  2. Eventually, Bi my love, we shall meet. And there will be so very much nerdiness... ;) It's been far too long since I watched Buffy. I'm hanging out for season 2 and the arrival of Oz *swoon*

    And you're more than welcome for the award.

  3. AWW!! Thank you, dear! What a sweetheart.


  4. YAY! Thanks for the award! Very nice of you. I will put it up when I can think of some facts about myself haha.


  5. Good thing I did a catch-up read or I'd never have realised you'd tagged me! Unfortunately I don't have anyone to tag who will realise they've been tagged - I'm in my own littly bloggy bubble :(

  6. Oh, Nessa. Not having anyone to pass it onto doesn't stop you from accepting it. It didn't stop Sara!


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