Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Small Snapshots: Movement

Yay, it's time for another edition of Small Snapshots! 

The theme this week is movement. Given that I completely forgot to take pictures at the weekend like I'd intended, I was originally planning on just digging into the archives again. But then Carissa reminded everyone in her post that Small Snapshots is about taking NEW photos. Suitably guilt tripped, I grabbed my camera when I got home from work and took a bunch of shots. They're far from perfect because it was freezing cold outside and I was hungry, but considering I haven't done much night photography before, I think they turned out pretty well! 

(Also? Thank God I remembered to bring my trusty tripod home from work. It gave me the chance to play around with long exposures!)

The clouds moving (ha - see what I did there?!) in front of the full moon:

Here we have an attempt at photographing the traffic going past on my street. I probably could have done a much better job if I'd gone and stood on the street corner rather than in the garden. But I felt enough like a Creepy McCreeperson already without standing on a street corner with my camera and tripod! Sure, it's not exactly the most scenic view. But I kind of like it all the same:

Next up, we have me playing with birthday candles. Cos I'm cool like that...

And finally, just for something different, I feel the need to include the one from the archives that I was originally planning on using. I took this back in April when I went to see the Hockeyroos play Argentina over the road from my apartment:

If you click through to the photo, you can see the water splashing up off the pitch (it's waterbased astro-turf) where the stick's connected with the ball.

Clearly, my night photography needs a lot of work. And for me to not worry so much about being a Creepy McCreeperson!

Want to join in? Head over to Kissed a Frog and link up!

K xx


  1. I kind of think of you as a little bit of a pyro now... And I like it! ;)

  2. @Bi - my family does seem to have a bit of a pyro streak! Not in a "must light fires!" way, just in a "oooooh, pretty..." way. My uncle has the year divided into BBQ season and fireplace season!!

    @Kat - thanks! Didn't turn out too shabby, considering I noticed the moon like 30 seconds before the cloud moved in front of it!!

  3. Haha I didn't mean it as a guilt trip! lol creative thinking with the moon and clouds! I like the candle picture! Another thing on my list to try one day! hahah Creepy McCreeperson... love it

  4. @Carissa - Nah, the guilt trip was a good thing! I've been getting lazy and posting archive photos every week, so the guilt trip was just the kick in the arse I needed!!

  5. the traffic one is cool; you kind of look at it and think "what traffic?". and you can see the pitch from your house? that's cool.
    also, thanks for popping passed my blog! do they show AFL on the tv in canberra?

  6. They do show the footy in the ACT, but generally not the Geelong games. This makes me sad...


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