Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Leaving on a jet plane

I've been neglecting my little corner of the interwebs the past few days. I've been trying to make myself do something other than sit on the sofa all night surfing the internet, and that's somewhat restricted my blogging time.

Anyway, there's a long weekend coming up, and I have grand plans to cross at least ONE recipe off my challenge list, so hopefully there'll be a post coming up about that. I also have another plan for the long weekend - starting my reread of all the Harry Potter books in preparation for the release of Deathly Hallows Part 2. Which comes out in THIRTY SEVEN DAYS!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap, I can't believe how soon that is! And it's doubly exciting for me. Because on the day Deathly Hallows comes out, I will be leaving the epic shithole that is Canberra and moving back to Melbourne. In a mere THIRTY SEVEN DAYS. You have NO idea how excited I am. If the weather weren't so damn hibernation inducing, I'd be dancing around the neighbourhood like a crazy person.

penguin animated gifs
Something like this

Anycrazydancingpenguins, I realised today that next Friday marks two months until I leave for the US. And it suddenly dawned on me just how very much I have left to organise between now and then, especially seeing as a chunk of the time is going to be taken up with sitting on the sofa at my parents' house watching trashy TV packing up everything I own and somehow cramming it into my room in Melbourne. So I took some time today to cross things off the list.

I booked all my US domestic flights, and discovered that I'm easily confused by luggage payment systems that differ from what I'm used to. Apparently you pay for checked luggage at the airport there rather than prepaying for it online. (Thanks to Kay Bee for helping a girl out with answers to my crazy questions via Twitter!) I was also rather shocked by what classified as hand luggage in the US. For starters, you can take EIGHTEEN KILOS worth of hand luggage (the limit here is 7kgs). And you can basically take a full sized suitcase as carry on. Cu-razy!

Anyway, I booked four flights for a total of around $650. I thought it was a bit pricey at first, but then I realised that three of the flights are 4 hours long, so considering a similar flight here would cost $250-$300, I did pretty darned well! I also sorted out my travel insurance. So yay me - I crossed five things off the list of stuff to do before I flee the country!

(OH MY GOD. I just found the early 90s Dennis the Menace movie on TV. And, despite watching that movie five BILLION times as a kid, I only realised just now that the evil guy in it is Christopher Lloyd. GREAT SCOTT!!!!! I have no idea how I didn't realise earlier)

The other thing I did today? Signed up for this. It's only one day, and it's kind of expensive for a single day event. But it's in Melbourne, and it sounds like it's going to be AWESOME. Plus, Carly's going, so we'll finally get to meet :D

So anyway, my day featured my credit card taking a hammering. Oh, and this:

Seriously. Someone at work presented me with a Melbourne snow globe because I curated the exhibit on colonial Melbourne. Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaandom. But also, glittery!!

How was YOUR day? (Also, can anyone else not stop watching those dancing penguins??)

K xx


  1. Oh you crack me up. This post had me giggling the entire time. :D And yay for re-reading ALL 7 HARRY POTTER BOOKS! I'm almost done with Socerer's Stone. YIPPIE!

  2. They're not just any crazy dancing penguins (grammar??!) - they're the crazy dancing penguins from Mary Poppins!

    Sooo... do you need someone to see Harry Potter with? Do ya? Do ya? (I'm assuming you'll be seeing it in Melbourne)

    ~* Ness

  3. @Nessa - yes, I imagine I'll be seeing it in Melbourne. And I have no plans in place for seeing it yet, so YES!!!
    @Emmy - I've got about 50 pages of Philosopher's Stone left. I wonder if I can finish it before bed... Probably not, considering it's 11.45!!


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