Saturday, June 18, 2011

The end of an era

First thing this morning, my BFF Sara sent me the link for this:

Now, I don't know about you guys, but within about 40 seconds of hitting the play button, I had tears streaming down my face. By the time it finished, I was a wreck. God help us all when it comes out next month. I foresee going through an entire box of tissues and being mocked for all eternity by whoever I see it with.

I was thinking about it later, and realised that I've been reading about Harry, Ron and Hermione for almost half my life. I first read Philosopher's Stone and Chamber of Secrets in October 1998 on a flight from London to Melbourne. A family friend that we'd been visiting in the UK had been raving about them, so - as a teacher - Mum jumped on anything that would encourage kids to read. She handed them to me at the airport (she was staying on longer), and told me to let her know what I thought when she got home.

Usually, a flight from London to Melbourne is absolute torture - 24 hours trapped in a metal tube filled with strangers, eating sucky food and watching crappy movies. But I only remember two things from that flight:
1. Em spilling honey and lemon cough syrup all over my jeans and my sleeve sticking to it for the rest of the flight; and
2. Not wanting to stop reading long enough to eat or sleep.

I think Mum was kind of surprised by how much I gushed over them when she arrived home. New Harry Potter books always seemed to be released about three days before my brother C's birthday, so for years, I would buy the book (read: send my mum to buy the book because I was in high school...) and spend the next few days sneakily reading it while my brother was out/playing sport/still asleep, all without bending the spine so that he wouldn't know I'd read it. (Turns out, he always knew... So much for stealthiness!)

So the books have been a part of my life for almost thirteen years now. And the movies have been a part of my life for ten years. For thirteen years, there's always been something Potter-related to look forward to, whether it was the next book or the next movie. But now? It's all about to end.

I cried when I finished high school, and that was only six years. All things considered? I think I'm allowed to turn into an emotional trainwreck.

Who else is going to be a disaster zone on July 15th? Please tell me I'm not the only one..........

K xx


  1. I can't bring myself to even watch the preview - I just can't wait to see the movie! I think it will be my first 3D film (yes, I'm about 50 years behind).

    Well, I cried a little at the end of the last film so who knows how this one will be. Chris will laugh at me anyway :-)

    I feel much sadder about the end of the Harry Potter movies than I did about finishing six years of high school - then, I couldn't wipe the grin off my face!!

  2. Oh God, no - don't see it in 3D! The colour is always really bad in comparison to the 2D version, and it gives me a headache for about 24 hours afterwards. Totally not worth the money, as far as I'm concerned!

  3. I shall have my tissue box at ready and spare mascara in my bag to touch up afterwards..


    I will be seeing it in 3D :)

  4. I figure it's worth the extra $3 for 3D, because when I buy it on Blu-Ray it will be 2D anyway!!

    Well, I'm sure none of us will be alone in our teariness :-D

  5. Aah. It's like an extra $7 to see it in 3D here. Hells no!

    And no, we won't be alone in our tearfulness...

  6. *raises hand*

    I will be sad will be the end of an era.

    I think my only realistic option is to see it in 3D - not sure if my local cinema will have the 2D version

    PS - came here via 20sb


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