Saturday, June 11, 2011

An afternoon of extravagance

This afternoon, I went to see X-Men: First Class. And let me tell you, it's AWESOMELY AWESOME. So much better than Last Stand or Wolverine... Also, does anyone else think Michael Fassbender would make an incredible James Bond when Daniel Craig finally sods off??
Cos he's totally hotter than Daniel Craig. Rawr. Urm... I mean, cos he's all suave and stuff...

AnyI'llstopdroolingnow, I went to see it in gold class/premium/whatever you want to call it. The last time I went to gold class was my brother's 15th birthday way back in 2000. We went to see The Patriot. The cinema had like 10 seats and the screen was about the size of a bedsheet. And half way through the movie, I was dying for the loo but couldn't find the lever to make the recliner chair unrecline. So I did a really embarrassing commando roll over the side of the chair #classy Plus, I got really cranky because they put my M&Ms into a bowl so I couldn't take the leftovers home.

For the past three years, I've listened to half of Canberra rave about gold class up here. So seeing as I have cinema membership and it was only $20 a ticket (as opposed to $38 a ticket in Melbourne), and seeing as I only have like 35 days left in our nation's shithole, I figured I'd splash out. Well, let me tell you, it was TOTALLY worth the extra money. First of all, the chairs recline using a button, so there was none of that awkward commando rolling out of the chair. And the armrests double as storage compartments, so you don't have to worry that the staff are going to trip over all your junk when they come to serve your food.

My original plan was to just get a choc top, but then I figured that if I was paying for extravagance, I was going to HAVE extravagance, dammit! So I forked out an extra $4.50 for a triple chocolate sundae. And it was amazeballs. It had chantilly cream on the top covered in chocolate fudge sauce. The ice cream was made with Swiss chocolate. And it had flaked chocolate all the way through it, only a small amount of which ended up on my boob shelf. Yay me! Anyway, while I was waiting to order my triple chocolate sundae of deliciousness, the people who ended up sitting in front of me were ordering their movie snacks.

Bear in mind that this was a 3.30pm session, so it was hardly mealtime. But these people ordered the trio of dips to be served when the film started. Then a bowl of hot chips (fries to the North Americans among you) to be served at 4.30. And then some kind of dessert - possibly the Death by Chocolate platter? - to be served at 5.15. And a glass of Coke each. The food and drink alone cost them $60. I know I'm kind of a cheapskate (it's my Scottish heritage!), but I can't imagine a single movie that I would fork out over $50 a head to see in the theatre!!

Oh, my favourite thing on the menu? A chimichanga. I don't think there's any place LESS ideal to eat a chimichanga than in a reclining chair in a darkened room... Especially when it comes smothered in sour cream!

Anyway, before my little afternoon of chocolate and man candy, I dropped into the Borders closing down sale. Gotta love 30% off everything! Sadly, I couldn't find a single fiction book that grabbed my attention enough to spend money on (even with vastly reduced prices), but I did find a couple of history books, so yay for nerdiness! I also found this, which I've been wanting for a while but have never actually bought as it was something ridiculous like $29. But for $17? Hell yeah! (Yes, I know $17 is crazy-expensive for a mug. Shut up. It's awesome and you wish you had one.)

Don't ask me what I'm doing. Checking for mad women in the attic, I imagine. And sorry about the crap quality. I was too lazy to go and get my camera, so just used my webcam... I'm frighteningly excited about this mug and if it breaks in the move next month, I'll cry... Oh, speaking of Jane Eyre, the new movie (which, incidentally, stars Michael Fassbender as Mr Rochester. Rawr again.) STILL hasn't come out here. It opens in AUGUST. Sad/cranky face. I'm going to have to fit in a trip to the movies to see it the week before I leave for Chicago. Who's in??

In other sad news, my housemate, D, is also leaving Canberra and is moving back to Sydney. The sad part being that she starts in the Sydney office on Tuesday and is leaving Canberra tomorrow, something that she only found out yesterday. Which means I'm going to be all on my onesies for my last five weeks in Canberra :( On the upside, her company pays for a serviced apartment, so I won't be losing all the furniture just yet!

Oh, and in other other news? If I ever buy a house (HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, not on my salary I won't!), I'm totally going to turn an entire room into a gold class-esque cinema. Oh yes indeed... It's going in my Evil Plans book, just you wait and see... ;)

K xx


  1. Holy shit, that sounds like a great afternoon!! We don't have anything like "Gold class" in this crappy town, so I'm fairly certain if I ever went to one I'd be acting like a total jackass in my excitement. I would probably spend $60 on food too, because I'm cool like dat.

    Also, LOVES the mug!

  2. I liked Daniel Craig as Bond... And then he went and ruined my image of him by doing -- wait for it, seriously... COWBOYS AND ALIENS? What in the HELL? Ugh. Now I'm just waiting for a James Bond movie that combines the idea of that atrocity.

    You totally make me want a sundae, damnit. Also, you and that mug. Super cute. And if you can smuggle me into Australia (+job?), I will totally go halfsies on a house for that idea.

  3. There is a Jane Eyre movie??? Awesome!

  4. @Bi - if I hadn't eaten a massive lunch, I probably would have ordered $60 worth of food too!

    @Nikki - see, in my head, Cowboys and Aliens is clearly a rip-off of Firefly, so I would never ever see it. But I was also surprised to see that Daniel Craig would participate in such a thing. I shall investigate ways to smuggle you into the country. We shall sit in our movie theatre house eating giant sundaes ALL day.

    @Kat - yes!!! It came out in the US in like March, and was due out here in May, but they keep pushing the release date back. Bastards...

  5. HOLY SHIT. That gold class theater thing sounds amaaaaazing. Seriously. My jaw was dropped while reading about this.

    No teenagers talking through the whole thing? No rude person texting in front of you? No climbing in and out of chairs to get to and from your seat?

    OMG IM IN HEAVEN. Can I come live with you??

  6. @Sara - Yes. Obviously. And we will go to Gold Class every day (because we're magically bazillionaires)! Wait. There are two in the suburbs of Chicago. Maybe we all should go during 20SB?!


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