Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Small Snapshots: Letters

Sorry guys - I'm kind of phoning it in this week. 

Considering my whole weekend was taken up with Little Miss A's birthday party and associated family nonsense, I didn't have the time to take my camera on a search for this week's theme: letters. I did briefly have a grand plan to make Little Miss A stand like various letters while I was babysitting her on Saturday night, but then she went to bed at 6.45, which kind of threw a spanner in the works. 

So instead what I have is this:

Once again, I took it at work. It's kind of hard to see, but the top of the museum building has giant Braille on it. Not ENTIRELY what Carissa had in mind, but I didn't want to skip Small Snapshots due to lack of time! Kind of cheating, but still within the topic for this week :)

Want to join in? Head over to Kissed a Frog and link up!

K xx


  1. I really like your interpretation of letters! Great idea for your picture. I look forward to seeing your pictures next week!

  2. That's so weird and random! Why is there braille on the sign! It's kind of neat and ironic too! Interesting!

  3. The building has won all kinds of architecture awards, which as we all know is code for "batshit crazy". It was built when Australia was run by a Liberal government, and the Prime Minister of the day refused to apologise for the removal of Aboriginal children from their parents up until the 1970s (the Stolen Generations).

    The rumour goes that the architects put braille on the side of the building that said "Sorry" and "Forgive us our genocide" and a bunch of other stuff apologising to the Stolen Generations. I have no idea if it's true or not!

  4. that's really interesting! Thanks for telling us about it!


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