Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

I spent this afternoon over at Leah's house with a couple of other friends from work. She taught us how to make these:

Chocolate truffles. Oh. My. God. They're totally AMAZEBALLS!! Sure, they were quite a lot of work, but with four of us, it really didn't take that long to roll and decorate them. A lot of the time it took was making the infused cream and waiting for the truffles to set in the fridge.

These ones are vanilla and cinnamon white chocolate truffles that have been rolled in shaved white chocolate. The things on the top are crystallised violets!

Next, we have my personal favourites. Dark chocolate and raspberry truffles. We dipped them in melted chocolate to coat before decorating them. The top and bottom ones are decorated with sparkly powders that are specifically made for chocolate decorating, while the middle one is painted with a liquid colour that comes in a nail polish bottle type thing. These were a ton of fun to make!

Then we have lime and coconut white chocolate truffles. The cream that goes into them was infused with lime zest rather than using artificial lime flavouring. YUM! And there's toasted coconut IN the truffles as well as on the outside.

The final type of truffle we made was tequila and chilli dark chocolate truffles. They're rolled in cocoa, and have cocoa nibs on the top. And yes, they contain actual tequila.

Finally, Leah made some moulded chocolates. They've got rose cream centres.

I was particularly taken with the ones shaped like pyramids. They weren't QUITE ready to come out of the moulds, but I snaffled one anyway. I think they'd look awesome covered with the gold paint we used on the raspberry ones!!

I'm not sure that I'm brave enough to try the moulded chocolates at home just yet, but I can't WAIT to give the truffles a go! Leah gave us so many great ideas for variations - I'm thinking some dark chocolate and orange ones will be high on my list of priorities. Oh, and I should mention, they were all delicious!!

(Also, Leah makes the most amazing bags and necklaces and brooches and things. You should check out Facebook page for her line, Dressed for Sunday)

How was YOUR Sunday? :)

K xx


  1. Oh MAN! Those look phenomenal! I would totally spend all of five minutes stuffing my face and before I knew it they'd all be gone! They look amazing!

    Simply Kate

  2. Thank god that I'm not there to help you eat those, that would not help the dress situation at all...but they do look delicious. Mnom mnom mnom! xxx

  3. I have two words: Om and Nom. Repeat as necessary.

  4. @Katie - they're so rich that you'd wind up feeling veeeeeeeeery sick if you did that. But the temptation is there for me too, don't you worry
    @Sara - They are indeed delicious. I shall send you the recipe for you and Susie to play with ;)
    @Nessa - Indeed. I apologise in advance for being a fat bridesmaid...

  5. YUM! Bad day for me to decide not to have sugar anymore... they look great! Especially the shiney pink one!


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