Saturday, May 14, 2011

I-I-I so excited!

(Yes, I just paraphrased Rebecca Black. Deal with it.) You know how for the past however long I've been wibbling on about my trip to the US? Yeah, today I actually did something about it.

I've been looking at flights on and off for a while now, but haven't actually followed through on booking. Until today. Because today I realised that I had a ton of frequent flyer points sitting around gathering dust. So I figured I'd check how many points it would take to fly to the US. Well, I didn't have enough for a return flight, but I did have enough for one way. Course, having enough points doesn't mean that there's a seat available. By some miracle, there WAS a frequent flyer seat available on the day I wanted! So I started looking into flights home again.

Apparently it was my day for bargains, because I found a flight from LA to Melbourne for $800. Sure, I have to fly via Auckland, but for that amount of money, I'll take it! So I've wound up with a return flight to LA for $1100 ($300 worth of taxes on the frequent flyer points flight). Which is almost $1000 less than what I was anticipating having to pay. SCORE!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I still have a ton of stuff to book (like my internal flights, for instance!), but this is a massive step in the right direction.

Hurry the hell up, August. I'm WAY too excited to wait much longer! If you've missed it, here's where I'm going:

Chicago, for the 20SB summit:
Denver, for Megan's wedding:
Washington DC with Kat:

New York, with Kat:

Boston, also with Kat:
There isn't enough squeeing in the world to demonstrate my levels of excitement. I have so much geeky fun planned - museums aplenty, a shit-ton of awesome things to photograph, and eating pizza on Beacon Street. (If you get that last reference, you get a million bonus points)

To my American lovelies - anyone know a good website to use for booking domestic flights? Do any of them search the discount airlines???

Also, I'm bringing you all Tim Tams. You're welcome... ;)
K xx


  1. You know you might want to swing up to the Minneapolis area on your way out of Chicago to meet your cool bloggy friend. Ahem, ME, ahem. It's a mere 10 hour drive!!! Just a suggestion.. ;)

  2. Exciting! You'll be seeing more the U.S. than I have, lol, and yes I'm American.

    But as for domestic flights, I usually look them up on then whatever comes up cheapest I check out to see the price on the airline's website. Sometimes It's a tad cheaper. Just a pointer!

  3. There are a TON of discount site for flights here. Expedia like Jamie said, orbitz, hotwire, and priceline are the ones advertised all the time here.
    p.s. If you're driving, I might be interested in hitting Boston w/ you too! And when I say "if you're driving" I mean I could possibly be persuaded to do the driving for the low-low price of splitting the gas price... Assuming I wouldn't be intruding by inviting myself like I just did.

    @Bi: why don't you make the mere 10hr drive to Chicago since Kirsti is flying all the way there?!? :P just saying...

  4. Hi Kirsti,
    I work for the company that is co-hosting the summit with 20SB and I'm also from Melbourne originally! We're happy to have you as our first international attendee :)

    In terms or air travel stateside, I'd also recommend which aggregates the sites Lauren mentioned. Also worth looking directly at or which are discount airlines, and sometimes don't appear in these searches or use different airports from the main ones in cities. It is *also* worth looking into an airpass if you have a few flights: you can only get those outside the U.S.

    If you pick an airline that has one or more of your stops as their hub (i.e. United,) you can often get those cities included as stops *for free*... just some thoughts on how to do it as inexpensively as possible! (I also used to be a travel agent.)

    Also, you can now get Tim Tams here :) I recommend something like Violet Crumble, which is harder (though not impossible) to get :)

  5. Oh man. The Blogger disaster of 2011 made all your comments on this post go away. Well here's a new one.

  6. Thanks!! Blogger claim that they're working on making all the comments come back, but considering how long the Blogger-calypse lasted, I'll believe that when I see it... :S

  7. Hey! I'm new to your blog but just wanted to say it's cool. I'm going to NY soon (from Sydney) and I'm very excited too :)


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