Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday night genius

Yes, I know I'm writing this on Saturday night. Shut up. It's my blog and I can do what I want, dammit! Ahem. Anyway, yesterday was my Work Mum's last day at the museum. *sad face* We had farewell drinks for her after work last night, and it was filled with much mocking of Canberra. Canberra drivers are notoriously shit, and what passes for freeway here can (I'm told, not being a driver myself) be backed up for miles and miles solely because people don't understand how to merge.

Anyway, it culminated in Femaelstrom going "Ugh, Canberra. What a SHITHOLE..." Now, I don't know what happens overseas, but in Australia, the number plates for most states come with a lame slogan on them. Like "Victoria - the place to be" or "NT - Outback Australia". Or, as I've just discovered from looking up number plate slogans on Wikipedia, "Queensland - the smart state". AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Now, I know it's a shocking generalisation to make fun of an entire state, but Queenslanders voted in Pauline Hanson. And voted against daylight savings, because "the furniture will fade". And they like rugby LEAGUE. Ew. It's kind of like saying "The Tea Party - we vote for the Democrats".

AaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyQueensland'snotthatsmart, when Femaelstrom made the above statement, my immediate response was "HOLY CRAP. THAT SHOULD BE ON THE NUMBER PLATES!!!", which resulted in much a) hilarity, and b) agreement. I can see it now - cars driving down Northbourne Avenue sporting number plates that say "ACT - What a shithole" instead of the "ACT - Heart of the nation" that they do now. How awesome would that be? Clearly, I should be a copy writer.

K xx


  1. Rest assured, Australia's not alone in stupid slogans! The states in America have some pretty stupid ones, occasionally arguing between them about events that happened.

    Illinois has "Land of Lincoln" (for Abraham Lincoln having lived there), Missouri has "Show-Me State" (and no one can ever explain why). California actually didn't put their slogan on it. I also know Ontario, Canada, has theirs on it; it's something like "Your Place To Discover."

    But yes, Australia's not alone!

    I think I'd die of laughter if I ever saw "What a shithole" on any license plate; that would amaze me anywhere.

  2. I'm glad Victoria is still 'The Place To Be'. Your suggestion for the ACT is entirely appropriate :-D

    Though we don't have states, or licence plate slogans, we do have dumb catchphrases for different areas:
    Auckland - The BIG Little City (nope, just a little city)
    HamiltON (because they generate power there)
    Wellington - NZ's Capital of Cool (meaning, "f**k me it's cold!")

    Et cetera.

  3. @Nikki - I should have remembered the US ones from Bill Bryson's 'The Lost Continent'. He says that he thinks there's words missing from the Missouri one and that it should really say "The Show Me The Way to Any Other State"!!

    If I drove, I'd be tempted to get a custom made number plate frame that said "What a shithole" just to amuse myself!

    @Kat - apparently "The Place to Be" is going to be replaced some time in the near future. Personally, I'm surprised they didn't replace it the minute Bracksy was out of the building!


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