Monday, May 16, 2011

30 Days of Books - Day 18

Apparently it was -7 degrees in Canberra overnight. That may not seem like much to my Canadian readers, but that's completely insane, even by Canberra standards. The office was totally freezing after the weekend - I had the heater on under my desk all day, and still had to fight the urge to put my coat on at regular intervals. I've been home from work for about an hour and a half now, and I'm JUST starting to thaw out.

At least Leah's brought in yesterday's leftover chocolate truffles. There's nothing quite like delicious chocolatey goodness to make dying of hypothermia seem less painful!

Day 18 - A book that disappointed you

Oh Mexico by Lucy Neville. I bought this at the airport in March when I went home for Em and Matt's wedding. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting from it, but I do know that I finished it and went "meh". I don't think it helps that the author was born the same year as I was, and I'm pretty sure I can write more engagingly than she can. And yet, she's the one who's a published author... *sigh* I know when it comes to a travel memoir, it can't be all action packed hilarity (okay, it kind of can. Bill Bryson proves it). But it kind of felt like I was reading someone's mass emails to their friends during their year abroad... And to be honest? I can get that without paying $28 for the privilege...

K xx

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