Thursday, May 5, 2011

30 Days of Books - Day 14

Oh my God, y'all. Is it just me or is this the LONGEST FREAKING WEEK IN HISTORY????? *sigh* Anyway, in addition to today being stupidly, insanely long, I also made a decision. I'm going to the 20SB Summit in Chicago. It's in late August, and I'm meeting Kat for ten days of Washington, New York and Boston shenanigans in early September, before heading to Megan's wedding in Colorado later in the month.

I was planning on spending a week or so in Colorado hanging out with Megan before meeting Kat, so it's really not that much more effort to fly over a little earlier and hang out with some 20SBers! *is excited but mildly terrified all at the same time*

What was my point again? Oh, right. Books.

Day 14 - Your favourite book by your favourite author


David Copperfield. Sure, it's a bazillion pages long (okay, 879 pages), and the protagonist is kind of clueless (hello, he's friends with Steerforth, who's a manipulative creep!), but the supporting characters are ridiculously memorable - Uriah Heep, Betsey Trotwood or Mr Micawber, anyone? The idea of a child that young being sent out to work (at a paste factory, no less!) is completely foreign to us now, but what's worse is that it's semi-autobiographical. Wowsers. it being Dickens, we know that all the evil types will get their comeuppances, while the hero will end up wildly successful and happy. Oh, also? A bunch of the characters become wildly successful in Australia. Hells yeah they did!

Plus, the BBC adaptation from 1999 is AWESOME. How can you go wrong with a Dickens adaptation that features Harry Potter, Professor McGonagall, Madame Hooch, Dolores Umbridge, Gandalf and the Vicar of Dibley? EXACTLY.

K xx

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  1. I thought the boy looked like Harry Potter... so it's really him! And the rest of the actors you've mentioned too? Wow! Sounds interesting. Hopefully, I'll catch a copy at the library, they usually have those sorts of DVDs.

  2. I'm going to the summit, too!!!!! We can totally get drunk and karaoke or get drunk and make out or get drunk and laugh a whole lot. :)

    We're going to have so much fun!

    I've never read a Dickens book, but I ordered one online recently to give it a try. I think the one I ordered was Great Expectations, so I'll have to see if I like the style of writing. (Sometimes I really suck at reading old timey sounding things, because I get distracted easily.)

    So excited for Chicago!

  3. Oh, and no, it isn't just you.


  4. Sara - thank God it's not just me... And EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE about Chicago!! Great Expectations is kind of depressing, but also kind of cool. I mean, how can you go wrong with a book that features an escaped convict and a crazy lady who's been sat in her wedding dress for 20 years because she got jilted?!


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