Sunday, May 1, 2011

30 Days of Books - Day 13

Once again, I'm an epic slacker. But Friday night was taken up with a junior curatorial Royal Wedding party - did everyone enjoy Princess Beatrice's hat? Bat. Shit. Crazy... I'm rather pleased to have my one claim to fame in life advance to the next stage (for those of you who missed my epic 150th post, I went to primary school with Catherine and Pippa Middleton), and yes, I'm still certain that my invitation must have gotten lost in the post. Anyway, then yesterday was taken up with the lovely KC's hen's day - the afternoon was taken up with cocktails, cupcakes and crafting, and the evening was spent screaming our lungs out in support of our colleague FeMaelstrom at her d├ębut roller derby bout. 

Anyway, enough of my excuses, on with the books! 

Day 13 - Your favourite writer

Technically speaking, it's Terry Pratchett. The man is a freaking genius and never fails to make me laugh hysterically. But I covered Terry Pratchett and my favourite Discworld book back on Days 3 and 4. Second on the list would be Bill Bryson, but I covered him on Day 2, and I'm trying to avoid repeating myself. So I'm going with an author that I've loved since I was 10.

Charles Dickens. When I was 10 (and, incidentally, at school with the Middletons), I spent a lot of my time in the school library. Enough time that I was given an "Assistant Librarian" badge, because I'd help reshelve the books. Anyway, for some reason I decided that what I really needed to read was a Dickens omnibus. Because A Tale of Two Cities is TOTALLY appropriate for a ten year old! 

Yes, Dickens can be dark and twisty, and occasionally dull. But he can also be hilarious when he wants. And he created characters that stick in your memory, characters that people can still relate to 150 years later. He's part of the reason that I became mildly obsessed with nineteenth century history as a kid. And because of that obsession, I've spent the past two years curating exhibits about nineteenth century history. All courtesy of Dickens!

K xx

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  1. Interesting. I like some Charles Dickens stories more than others.

    Of course, my favourite ever Christmas movie is a Dickens story... Muppets Christmas Carol!!

  2. Oooh I love the Muppet Christmas Carol, too!!! I'm not sure whether it's Robin as Tiny Tim that gets me, or the dumb jokes about the "ghost of Christmas present... PRESENT... geddit?"

  3. Um/ My favorite writer is Shelly Laurenston (she writes sassy romance about no holds barred shapeshifters. Who have a lot of sex.) Because I'm all about the classic literature.

  4. @Kat/Nessa - I saw Muppets Christmas Carol for the first time last year, if you can believe it!
    @LP - Ha ha ha ha ha, awesome! At least you're willing to admit to it rather than claiming you like pretentious literary wank ;)


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