Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Saturday of randomness

My weekends at the moment are usually pretty unexciting. I'm generally so shattered from install and all the walking between the office and the gallery that it requires that I seem to mostly spend my weekends on the sofa watching trashy movies. So yesterday was a nice change.

It started with brunch. Em and Matt (of recently married, me being a bridesmaid fame) are off on their month-long honeymoon tomorrow, so I had brunch with them. The place we went was stupidly busy, and the one free table was covered in dirty crockery. That was fixable, we just moved them all to a bench. But there was a big smear of jam/ketchup/something gross and crusty on the table. So while we were looking at the menus, we asked a passing waiter if he could wipe the table. Apparently he was blind or lazy, because he did a completely half arsed job of it, and just managed to smear the grossness around even further. Thankfully, I had a stash of tissues in my handbag, and we were able to sort it out ourselves. And the pancakes I had for brunch mostly made up for the sucky service, which continued throughout our meal. They could have done with more maple syrup though... *sigh*

A couple of hours later, I headed to the gym with my housemate for a Body Jam class. Sadly, when the instructor turned up, it wasn't the woman who usually takes Body Jam there. And she announced that it was going to be a Body Attack class instead of Body Jam. She was all "It's pretty high impact, so if you feel half way through that it's not for you, I won't be offended if you leave." Which, to be honest, left me slightly terrified. But we stuck around anyway. Boy, was she not kidding when she said it was high impact...

It's mostly running on the spot. With high kicks. And agility work. And about five minutes of straight push ups. And I was nearly dead by the end of it. Only to have the instructor say "Aaaaaaand those were the easy tracks! Oh, and I cut two tracks out to make it a 45 minute class because you guys kind of looked like you weren't going to make it through the full hour..." Course, I don't think it helped that my headband kept falling off, meaning that I couldn't actually see what I was doing for about half the class!

AnyBodyAttackwasinventedbySatan, after the class from hell had finished, we decided that we needed a little sugar hit. So we went to Cold Rock. D had never been there before, and got slightly overwhelmed by all the options. She wound up going with coffee ice cream with Ferrero Rochers mixed in, and began regretting it half way through when she spotted the Cherry Ripes and the Bounty bars. I, on the other hand, took my time deciding.

Every time I go to Cold Rock, I feel the need to play the system. I mean, why would you pay for an Oreo mix-in when you could get Cookies n Cream ice cream? So I tend to get ice cream that effectively has a mix-in through it already.

Here's what I wound up going with:
Cookies n Cream ice cream...

...Mini M&Ms...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand sour gummy worms. To be honest, I wasn't really certain about how the gummy worms would go with the ice cream. But they were pretty awesome, even if they were slightly more solid than is ideal! Over all, it was pretty damned delicious, and I'd definitely have that combination again.

And then last night was spent watching my boys, the mighty Geelong Cats, beat the Sydney Swans at the SCG. I may have worn my Cats scarf around the house all night... What more could a girl want from a Saturday??

K xx

PS. I made bread this afternoon, so challenge recipe 10 is on the way! As are more posts about books. Cos I'm sure you're not sick of those yet! ;)


  1. I love Cold Rock. We got Dad to take us there at Christmas (because apparently we are 7 years old?).

    Look forward to hearing how the bread turned out!

  2. Mum uses Cold Rock as a bribe to get Cam and I to go and see Gran in the nursing home, so apparently WE'RE seven too!!

    We're *totally* going to Cold Stone/Marble Slab when we're in the US!!!!

  3. The blog is very good!

  4. First: totally know what you mean about hair in your face while working out. Except when I can't keep my hair in check I just give up. 2nd: Good point about the ice cream! Our version of it here is called Cold Stone. I'm not sure they have a cookies n cream flavor but im looking for it next time I go. My favorite ice cream topping (not available at Cold Stone but I used to get at Baskin Robins) is Nerds. Gummy worms sound just as good!

  5. Lauren - this is why I do classes. I feel like everyone's judging me if I leave early!! ;) And I have grand plans for going to Cold Stone when I'm in the US. Care to join Kat and I?? ;)

    And I LOVE Nerds! I was devastated when they got rid of Nerds McFlurries (back in the days when I could eat McDonald's without wanting to throw up...)

  6. The McDs never had Nerds McFlurries here. I wonder if I brought them with me if they would make it for me.
    Totally down for joining you for Cold Stone if its when you're in NY. Unless the winky face meant you were kidding. Then I'm sad. :P

  7. I've always been curious about whether they'd mix in something you brought from home too, but I've always been too much of a chicken to ask! And I would NEVER kid about trips to Cold Stone, Lauren!!


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