Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Wow. So...unintentional hiatus much? Okay, it wasn't especially unintentional. I went to Melbourne for six whole days of Kirsti-mas (Easter coincided with ANZAC Day, which is my birthday), and with the usual running around like a headless chicken catching up with everyone ever that happens whenever I go to Melbourne, I didn't have time for bloggy-ness.

Anyway, the time was AWESOME. Now that I'm back in Canberra, I'm planning a massive post to update you on all of it. But in the meantime? I'm not dead. Just distracted!!

K xx


  1. Oh man, Happy Birthday! I feel bad for missing it even though there was no way for me to know when it was.

  2. Thanks!! And you're right - there was no reason you would have known it was my birthday, so slightly belated is totally fine by me ;)


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