Wednesday, April 13, 2011

30 Days of Books - Day 8

It's been absolutely freaking arctic in Canberra for the past couple of days. Yesterday, it was NINE DEGREES at 5pm. But there was a wind chill, so the apparent temperature was 4 degrees. Jeebus... Anyway, on with the books!!

Day 8 - Most overrated book

As with the last one (which I decided meant "a book everyone should read"), I'm choosing to interpret this as "a book no one should read". I've read an awful lot of crap books over the years, most of which came from the library, thankfully. But most of those were too obscure to be considered overrated. So I decided to go with the most obviously overrated book I could think of (as far as I'm concerned, anyway):

Twishite and its sequels of doom. (Sorry, Gina. I know you love it!)The writing is awful, the characters are annoying, and comparing someone to marble is generally not considered a compliment... I know some people adore it (my sister-in-law is about to turn 40 and is all "OMG, EDWARD CULLEN IS THE PERFECT MAN!!" *shudder*), but I just don't see the appeal. I mean, Edward Cullen is a creepy, mopey stalker.

And let's be honest - Buffy and Angel did angsty teen vampire-human love WAY before and WAY better than Edward and Bella... (Oh, and for the record? I read all four of the books, and thought they were all universally appalling. I also read them well before the movies came out, so my opinion of the characters isn't because of the terrible acting courtesy of RPatz, KStew and Taylor Lautner. I thought they were crap WELL before that!)

K xx

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  1. Hmmmm I don't buy it, you LOVE Twilight especially the films, it might be secret and buried below a whole load of pretend hatred but it's there, I know it is! I can also think of some other books that noone should read...anything by Dan Brown and that godawful Time Traveler's Wife nonsense for starters...

  2. I never read it but I've heard this from other people. I don't get the whole Twilight appeal. I won't watch the movies or read the books ever.

  3. Ugh. Twilight blows. I refuse to read the books, but the flatties once forced me to watch the first 20 minutes of the movie. I fell asleep. And whined about it for... oh, this would make it a year and a half now...

    To be fair it was a really awful movie.

  4. Sara - Lies. All lies!
    Lauren - Stick to your guns. It's awful. I only read them because I needed a trashy "I've been dying of amoebic dysentery in Guatemala for three days and now I have to go on a plane for five hours" books!
    LP - I got up one morning a couple of weekends ago and my housemate had been up since 7am watching Twilight and then New Moon. I have no idea how she stayed awake... And keep on whinging - I have! ;)

  5. I thought the first book and movie were alright but it slid downhill rapidly after that, right up until the time that fell off the precipice that is the fourth installment. I have no idea what the fourth movie will be like, but I resented paying to see the third one.

    Compelling though the first (and part of the second) book is, I agree that they are not particularly well written and will never make "classic" status. But I also think that anything that gets teenagers to read is a good thing, no matter what it is, and that if you take the books for what they are, and not what they could or should be, they're alright.

    FYI, if I were doign this 30 days of books (and I may yet), Wuthering Heights would be in this spot. Hate it. Hate it hate it hate it.

  6. Oh, Nessa... Yes, the books get progressively worse. But that doesn't mean the first one is any good! Although I was never going to enjoy the first movie, because Robert "my face is shaped like a foot" Pattinson makes me feel physically ill, even when he's playing Cedric Diggory...

  7. If you have read them and you don't love them, I will leave you to your opinion. You know, different strokes for different folks and all that (Jane Eyre has NEVER been a favorite of mine!) I can't argue that everyone will like the same things, and I don't expect everybody to like the same things as me.

    I just get frustrated when people "hate" things that they've never tried. I can't hate something I've never tried.

    You can be annoyed by the overexposure (and I agree that these books/movies are incredibly overexposed). You can dislike the movies if you've watched them- or in the case of movies, I'll say you can dislike them based on trailers. You can dislike that they market teen/young adult products to little kids. But I will maintain that you cannot dislike something you've never tried.


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