Monday, April 4, 2011

30 Days of Books - Day 3

Day 3 - Your Favourite Series

Unlike the other two days so far, this one is a cinch. While there are several other series that could be possible contenders (namely Harry Potter, Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series and Donna Andrew's Meg Langslow books), there's one that tops the list hands down.

Terry Pratchett's Discworld series.

The first of the Discworld series was published in 1983 (a marvellous year for many things, if I do say so myself!), and the most recent (I Shall Wear Midnight) was published last year. There's another one due out later this year, which I'm terrifyingly excited about.

I've read every Discworld book at least once (although on the whole, it's probably about 10 times each!), and own 19 of them. Believe me when I say that it's been worth every penny. Whenever I'm feeling miserable, I know that I can turn to the Discworld books and be laughing hysterically within 20 pages.

Dear Terry Pratchett,
I love you forever. Don't ever change.

K xx

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  1. Ah Discworld. SO funny! Terry Pratchet is a riot! I love that guy! Have you read Good Omens? It's not part of Discworld, but Death still talks in all caps. :D

  2. I am a big fan of Kelly Armstrong :) I also especially love Shelly Laurenston, her ladies have a bit more humor than Armstrongs...

  3. Katie - yes! I love Good Omens! I don't own it though, I should probably do something about that situation, shouldn't I? ;)

    Shannon - I've not read any of Shelly Laurenston's stuff. Thanks for the tip! :)


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