Monday, March 7, 2011

Random ramblings

There's a lot of random shit going on in my head today. Let's start with the fact that I'm being stalked by The Human League's "Don't You Want Me". Which is annoying, because it reminds me of Ashes to Ashes and that - as I've mentioned before - makes me sad. I think it started in the supermarket last weekend - "Don't You Want Me" was playing on the terrible overhead speaker music. Then on Wednesday, a techno version of "Don't You Want Me" was the squat track at Pump. Then ALL weekend, I was subjected to it through ads on TV for some bizarre compilation CD that also features Britney Spears. Because they're obviously the perfect musical companions... And then tonight? Rachel and Blaine sang it on Glee. So yeah, I'm being stalked by The Human League...

Other random crap in my head? There's a new guy in the IT Department at work. He's working on the service desk. And he totally looks like he belongs on Jersey Shore. The following conversation happened between me and my roller derby playing colleague, Femaelstrom on Friday:
[new IT guy walks past wearing far too many gold necklaces, skinny jeans and a stupidly tight t-shirt]
Femaelstrom: Who's that?
Me: New IT guy
Femaelstrom: Looking like that? What does he do? [mimes bicep curls] "Hello, Service Desk. Can I help you?"
Me: I wouldn't put it past him...

So anyway, I came up with this for you. I tried to find a picture that involved barbells, but there are only so many pictures of the cast of Jersey Shore you can look at before your eyeballs start to melt out of your head. So this will just have to do:

I'm so generous... Also, if he isn't the most disgusting guy on the planet, I don't know who is. Oh, wait. Robert Pattinson, obviously *shudder*

I went shopping yesterday with the intention of buying new work clothes, because I *REALLY* hate everything in my wardrobe. And the last time I went shopping for clothes was in 2010... Anyway, in terms of clothes, all I came home with was a new casual jacket and a new pair of trousers. Because fashions are SERIOUSLY fugly at the moment. I think I only saw about two other things that I would have voluntarily spent money on, and those were only available in a size 6 (which, let's face it, I'm not).

Instead, I came home with a crapload of DVDs. You know, just for a change. Anyway, one of the DVDs I bought was Sense and Sensibility. The 1995 version. The only problem I have with it? It stars Alan Rickman. Yes, he's a genius. But all I hear is this:
Yeah. would be infinitely more awesome if he played Snape rather than Colonel Brandon...

Now whenever you watch it, that's all you'll be able to think about, right? You're welcome.

K xx


  1. 1. Alan Rickman was a bit hot on LOve Actually, but my <3 lay with Liam Neeson.

    2. Canberra fashion (chain) stores are lacking. Come shopping with me!

  2. I liked Angela's Ashes, but it was sad. I don't think I know that Britney song, I'll have to look it up.
    And yes Jersey Shore dude is disgusting, as is Robert Pattinson [or however it's spelled].
    And haha when I see Alan Rickman I think of Die Hard. Yippi Kai Ay Mo-Fos!

  3. I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, that much is true ;-)

    Alan Rickman makes me think of Hitchhiker's Guide *sigh*

  4. Hmm. Clearly Colonel Brandon is Alan Rickman's least memorable role. Perhaps I need to do a whole series of these!!

  5. Ooh! I love pride and prejudice, and emma, but I haven't seen sense and sensibility yet! I might have to watch it :)

  6. You guys have to see Alan Rickman in Galaxy Quest! So funny:)


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