Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Melbourne shopping > Canberra shopping

So remember the other day when I said that I have absolutely nothing in my entire wardrobe? Yeah, I got the chance to rectify that situation on Friday night. Thank GOD! Last time I went shopping in Canberra, everything was beige. Or bone. Or cream. Or a stupidly pale pink. Or some other boring 'colour' that washes me out.

But in Melbourne? There were clothes that were actual COLOURS. Sure, I forked out $550, but I got 4 tops (three in shades of blue, one black), a jumper (red), a cardigan (blue), a pair of cords and two pairs of shoes. One pair of boring black flats, and these:
Hello, lovers.

It's IMPOSSIBLE to get nice shoes in Canberra. The number of shoe shops that have closed down at the Canberra Centre since I moved here is ridiculous.

Once again, I wasn't in the garden. I just wanted decent light.

So when I found these in Melbourne, I jumped on them. Almost literally. It went something like this:

Me: Oooooooooooooh, look at the pretty...
Mum: But you need black flats for work.
Me: But...but...the PRETTY...
Mum: They're not black flats.
Me: [grabs a pair of black flats] Fine. I'm trying them both...
Mum: *rolls eyes*

They're from Wittner. And I plan on wearing them pretty much everywhere ever.

So, one trip to Donny Shoppo Land (aka Westfield Doncaster), an hour and a half, and a rather exhausted credit card later, I can safely announce something that I already knew: shopping in Melbourne is ALWAYS better than shopping in Canberra!

K xx


  1. Don't you already have those in black? Aren't they feeling unloved because you didn't blog about them, too? :(

    ~* Ness

  2. Nope, the black ones are different. Similar. But different. And not nearly as awesome because they're not red. Also, they're like three years old and not particularly photogenic these days!

  3. Ooooooooh! They're fun! They kind of remind me a little of Irregular Choice shoes!

  4. Those shoes are SO STINKIN' CUTE!

    Sorry to hear about your employment troubles, but as a kindred spirit I can tell you that living with the parents at 28 isn't that bad ALL the time... Ahem. :)

  5. They also came in black, and I kind of wanted to get the black ones too. But as Ness said, I have a similar pair in black already. And Bi - thanks for clarifying the "ALL the time" part! ;)

  6. I totally agree with you on this one! I've started shopping online more since moving to Canberra!


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