Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's a nice day for a white wedding

And it was - Sunday turned out to not be cloudy with showers as predicted earlier in the week, but sunny and warm. I'm not sure the groomsmen appreciated the "warm" part, considering they had to stand around at the altar for 20 minutes before the ceremony even started, but the rest of us sure did!

Anyway, to start at the beginning, I went out to the venue for a little "here's where you stand when" session on Saturday morning - the rehearsal was Thursday night, and I didn't get to Melbourne until Friday lunchtime. That was all pretty straight forward, although I wasn't particularly thrilled to learn that I was the first one to walk down the aisle - it caused me some degree of stress relating to how fast to walk and exactly how far over I needed to stand... Then Saturday afternoon, we went for mani-pedis. I begged and grovelled for them to please not touch my cuticles, which they seemed very perplexed by. The woman kept stopping in between every step and going "NO cuticles??" with a really confused look on her face.

Here are the nails:

Oh, and I neglected to wear thongs/flip-flips/jandals (I think that covers all possible confused readerships?), which meant I was given a pair of these to go home in so as not to ruin my freshly painted toenails:
The carpet they're on is dark green. That's how bright they are...
Classy, no?

The ceremony wasn't until 4.30 on Sunday afternoon, but I was up and at 'em ("Up and at them" "No! 'Up and atom!'" Aaah, The Simpsons. Always applicable...) by 7.30. We started the day with croissants and fruit before the hair and make up side of things kicked in at 11.00. That finished just in time for me to lace Em into her dress before the photographer arrived at 2.00. Then it was a whole lot of having photos taken in every possible permutation of bridesmaids before the car arrived at 3.15.
Yes, that's a stretched Rolls Royce

Then it was a 45 minute drive out to the Dandenongs (and let me tell you, riding backwards in a limo in the Dandenongs is not especially fun...) to the reception centre. The ceremony was gorgeous (apparently I walked down the aisle rather faster than was necessary, but oh well!) - Matt teared up during his vows, which made all the groomsmen cry, which made all the bridesmaids cry... The only downside was that I was standing on grass and my heels kept sinking, so I was slightly terrified that I'd suddenly pitch over backwards! But thankfully, I escaped unscathed, and the ceremony went off without a hitch (besides the celebrant calling me Kristy.............).
Obligatory photo of me in my dress

After the ceremony, it was a world of photo taking. The photographer made Em and Matt stand still, while the rest of us had to run around them in circles. It was FAR to strenuous an activity to do in 6cm heels. Especially when the running was followed by shots where we had to jump in the air, Toyota advertisement style...

The reception seemed to go very quickly, and I didn't cry or throw up during my speech - definitely a plus I think! The food was really nice, and it finished up with a dessert buffet. Total genius. Mini desserts = getting to try one of everything. And not feeling guilty about trying one of everything!
Mmmm... Lemon tart, chocolate tart and berry ice cream

Then it was all over - I avoided the bouquet toss (sorry Em, I know you're probably disappointed in me!), and didn't put my piece of wedding cake under my pillow (seriously, who came up with that tradition??). So, congratulations to my beautiful, wonderful friends Em and Matt - I love you to death and you deserve every happiness that life has to offer!

K xx


  1. Aw! Weddings are fun - and you look gorgeous, and (more importantly perhaps?) so does the bride!

    Why no cuticles for the manicure? That bit freaks me out, and sometimes they even manage to make me bleed, so if there's an actual reason to avoid it I'm TOTALLY going to use it next time.

  2. Ahh, you have discovered the Bridesmaid Heel Sink!

    I was lucky enough after my first BM engagement that my brother's dog ate my silver/pewter shoes because a) they were caked in mud from the Heel Sink and I was having trouble cleaning them (which is why they were outside in the first place) and b) they weren't super comfortable.

    So, by the time my second and third BM engagements rolled around, I had a different, lower, wider-heeled pair and as a result had a much less sinky, much more comfortable day. As such I will be wearing flats to my own wedding (and recommend you consider the same - the terrain isn't heel-friendly up there!).


  3. Looks like it was a really nice wedding - congratulations to your friends!

    I guess the heel thing is similar to the problems faced at Flemington in November? I find you just have to essentially tip-toe. It doesn't seem to matter what style my heels are, the instant I relax and lean back a little I'm up to my ankles :-)

  4. Shannon - no cuticles for the manicure because it creeps me out and makes me slightly nauseated. I just told them that unless they wanted to see me turn green and possible throw up on their floor, they should stay far away from my cuticles.

    Nessa - these shoes were remarkably comfortable. As evidenced by the fact that standing in 6cm heels for 7 hours resulted in only three numb toes and not two numb feet.

    Kat - excellent comparison with Flemington. I clearly should have thought to invest in those things that are meant to stop you sinking at the races!

  5. What a pretty dress! I want one something like that when I finally get married. And those flip-flops are pretty awesome. You should wear them every day.

  6. Lauren - ha ha! Sadly, they were paper thin, so barely lasted through the trip from the nail salon to the car park to the house. And yes, her dress was gorgeous :)


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