Thursday, March 17, 2011

All my bags are packed...

Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration. But I have actually STARTED packing, which is better than I usually do! This weekend is probably going to be crazy stressful. But it's also going to be pretty damned exciting. Because Sunday is Em and Matt's wedding! I'm flying to Melbourne at lunchtime tomorrow. Then tomorrow afternoon, I have a Skype date with the lovely Kat. Amongst other things, we're going to try and nail down some plans for our trip to the US in September!!

First thing Saturday morning, I'm heading out to the reception venue with Em so that I at least have some *vague* idea of what'll be happening on Sunday (yes, there's a rehearsal. But it's tonight and I'm still in the 'berra). Then Saturday afternoon is apparently mani-pedi time. I'm slightly scared of that bit because I haaaaaaate having my cuticles pushed back and don't like strange people touching me. But I'm sure it'll be okay (she says, hopefully).

Sunday is the wedding. I have to make a speech. In front of 120 people... o.O Thankfully, it's less than two minutes of speaking in public, and I don't have to speak first or last, so there's *slightly* less for me to stress about!

Monday features a post-wedding lunch, and a Skype date with Sara who's FINALLY arriving home in the UK after two months travelling through Asia *is jealous* And then Tuesday is flying back to Canberra again.

I'm also desperately hoping to fit in a wee spot of shopping. Because SWEET MOTHER OF GOD, I have absolutely nothing in my wardrobe. And when I say that, I mean that my choice of work clothes consists of two pairs of trousers, two pairs of jeans, three shirts, three tops and two summer dresses. And my non-work clothes consist of the above plus five very nerdy t-shirts. And when it comes to shopping, Canberra is like living in a small country town. So I'm very much hoping that while I'm in the big smoke, I can find a couple of things to at least make me stop feeling like I live in Groundhog Day...

Basically? Wish me luck. Because I have a feeling it's going to be a LONG (and awesome) weekend!

K xx


  1. Happy trip!!!

    I am Sydneying it up tomorrow ;)

  2. Oh my gosh!! Speech! Ah! That;s my least favorite word ever. Hope it all goes well though!

  3. Carly - hope Sydney goes well!

    Shannon - I know, I'm right there with you. Speeches terrify me, even tiny short ones! :S Hopefully it'll be fine............


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