Monday, February 21, 2011


So you know how I started my cookbook challenge partly to stop myself from buying new recipe books? And how I said I wasn't allowed to buy any more until I'd finished making the 28 recipes? Yeah... Apparently Borders had other ideas. It's very rude of them to go into administration when I had a $100 gift card in my wallet. And even ruder of them to insist that you spend the same amount in cash as the voucher is worth. I usually have problems finding novels at Borders - for some reason, the one up here only never seems to stock book 1 of a series, which drives me insane. But cookbooks? I have no problems finding those.

So when I knew I had to spend $100 above the value of the voucher, I figured it was a good chance to buy something I've been considering for a while but have always deemed far too expensive. This:

Annoyingly, you can get it from Borders online for $90, because they're having a "spend over $50, get a discount" thing online at the moment. But in store, it was $143, which made me a bit cranky. But there's not a lot I could do about that, because they're not honouring gift cards online any more. Sigh...

Aaaaaaaaaanyway, it's 1,126 pages of hints and ideas, all sorted by ingredient. Sure, there's some seriously nasty chapters on tripe and liver and brains and *shudder* trotters, but just off a quick flip through, I came up with 75 recipes that I'd really like to try. So while I may have broken my "no buying cookbooks until the challenge is over" rule, it is - as the back cover says - the book for a lifetime of cooking.

And yes, I'll be including a couple of recipes in the challenge. The BIGGER challenge will be working out which two it should be!

K xx


  1. Oh no! Another cook book! I can't go into borders unsupervised anymore. I end up impulse-buying fiction!!

    That's the worst way to stick to my budget - in fact, its the exact opposite of sticking to my budget!

  2. Yeah, I really shouldn't be allowed into Borders unsupervised either. It's probably a good thing they've gone into administration as it'll remove the temptation!

  3. Whoops indeed!

    I have the same impulse when it comes to AWW cookbooks, and the only reason I don't own the "1000 best ever recipes" one is because I own all other large-format books, and logic dictates that the recipes should be in there, somewhere! Ditto for those cute little square Donna Hay ones - the presentation is awesomely addictive.

    Of course, I haven't used every single one of them yet. I am now, like you, making a concerted effort to try and use them... and yet occasionally still default to the internet for a recipe. Go figure.

    I have this unrealistic dream of cooking every singly recipe in one of my books, but I somehow doubt that will ever happen given the repeat rate of my "standard" recipes. Then again, I have a lifetime to do it in...


  4. This conundrum happened to me too - when I was on my shopping ban. I needed to use my voucher.

    I have taken inspiration from you and will do a cookbook challenge as I rarely use mine.

  5. Me as inspiration is a slightly terrifying idea... ;)


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