Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars day!

Yes, I spent a decent chunk of my day hitting F5 on The Age's live blog of the Oscars. What of it? After Avatar (which I still haven't seen and have no plans TO see) was nominated for everything ever last year, it was nice to see some movies with actual plots nominated for a change.

But let's be honest. Mostly I just wanted to say COLIN FIRTH WON AN OSCAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he totally deserved it - he was absolutely brilliant in The King's Speech. Having said that, let's all reminisce about the days when he looked like this:





*sigh* Wait. Maybe not that last one...


K xx

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  1. I that I'm not the only person who knows that f5 refreshes the page! You're officially the most awesome person I know.


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