Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Je suis un failcake...

So I had grand plans for posting another challenge recipe tonight. But I'm not really firing on all cylinders today in the brain department - I was staring out the window of the bus on the way home, and spent two minutes wondering who would bother designing arks for carp before I realised that the sign said "CARPARK". To be fair, it was across two windows and the break was between the P and the A, so it did look a little like CARP ARK, but basically I iz speshul.

As evidenced by the fact that I sat down to dinner, tasted it, and realised I'd forgotten to add half the ingredients......... Thankfully, I was able to dump it back in the pot and add the missing ingredients without any issues, but still. It's not exactly a stumper of a recipe!

So anywho, between the being special and the fact that the Blogger photo uploader is generally being a bitch and uploading all my photos in Portrait orientation (meaning I have to go in and individually edit them into Landscape orientation), it's 10.50 and I'm still fucking about. Here's hoping that tomorrow, I'm less of a failcake and can actually get this damned recipe posted. Cos it's totally worth it, even if one of the ingredients requires a total treasure hunt to locate!

K xx

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