Monday, January 24, 2011

Where the hell did these come from?

We had a rental inspection today. So I spent yesterday cleaning the house. I hate cleaning the house with a fiery passion, so obviously I was on the lookout for a way of procrastinating. I struck on the idea of moving my bookshelf to where my DVD stands were, and moving my DVD stands to where the bookshelf was so that I had more space for my DVDs. But then I realised that even if I put them where the bookshelf is, there still wouldn't be space to put all the TV shows in with the movies. (Yes, I had them separated. I'm slightly OCD like that)

So I decided to move them into the living room, because we have plenty of space in there, and it makes more sense to have them next to the TV than to trek down the hall to my bedroom every time I want to watch a movie. So I moved the stands and the movies out to the living room, and then all the boxes and bags filled with TV shows.

Course, we're talking about me here, so my DVDs have to be in alphabetical order. And when you're talking about over 300, alphabetising from a giant pile on the floor isn't really an option. Which is how I wound up with this covering the living room floor:

Yes, that's one pile for each letter. (Except for Q, Y and Z. Apparently I don't own anything starting with Q, Y or Z...) And that massive pile on the left? Yeah, that's courtesy of five seasons of Bones and seven seasons of Buffy. I was slightly worried that it was going to collapse, and result in a domino effect causing alphabetical chaos.

But with the exception of me forgetting about the letter W and having to pull a whole lot of stuff out and start again, there were no alphabetical catastrophes. And now the pile of crap on the floor has been converted to this:

Much better, don't you think? Course, the part you can't see is that I tried to straighten up the drunken tilt of the left hand DVD stand about five minutes after I took this, and that made the right hand DVD stand fall over into the coffee table and everything in between fall over. *sigh* So now the bottom row of stuff in the middle looks even more drunk than before. Awesome...............

I have to say, I had something of a Carrie Bradshaw moment when I had the piles of DVDs all over the floor. I'm not a huge fan of Sex and the City, but I do recall an episode where Carrie is pondering where all her money has gone, and then realises that she's got $40,000 worth of ugly shoes. I don't think I've got anywhere near $40,000 worth of DVDs (mostly because of my "if it's more than $10 per disc, don't buy it" policy), but that is a CRAPLOAD of DVDs...

Having said that, I've got a decent chunk of space to fill at the top. Hmmmm............ ;)

K xx


  1. Don't worry, you're not the only one who alphebetises. How the hell else are you supposed to find the right disc amongst 300 or so others?? Mine are in drawers, Ikea storage boxes and on a book shelf, and I am thoroughly dissatisfied with the alphebetised chaos. I just want one big shelving unit so I can see them all at once... but that's probably not going to happen :(

    ~* Ness

  2. Yeah, I want one big shelf too. But given the frequency with which I buy new DVDs, it would probably only take a couple of months for it to be too small! It would be nice not to have to worry about things collapsing and having to reorder everything when I get something new, but meh. It'll do for now! (Especially when the stands only cost me $20)


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