Saturday, January 8, 2011

Well, hello my pretties!

I braved a trip into town today, despite the presence of the Summernats bogans. There were some completely ridiculous vehicles in display, including but not limited to a V8 Commodore. Nothing abnormal about the presence of a V8 Commodore at Summernats. This one, though, was a spectacularly vile shade of opalescent hot pink. Ack... And the best part was, it was being driven by a guy.

Aaaaaaaaaanyway, despite the overwhelming number of bogans at the shopping centre, I had a very successful trip. Well, except for the part where I went to try and spend my Christmas Borders voucher. That one was a total and epic fail. I couldn't find a single thing I wanted, which probably just means that I've read every book ever *sigh* So I'll wait a couple of weeks until they restock after Christmas, and try again. The trip to DJs, on the other hand, was FAR more successful.

My parents got me a DJs voucher for Christmas, and I figured it would be best to spend it while I could take advantage of the sales. I had grand plans for buying a new, relatively large, saucepan. But I went one better, and came out with this:

Oh HELLS yes. I bought a Le Creuset. For some reason that quite escapes me, I've always wanted one. Mum has one (although from memory, it's not a Le Creuset, but a similar brand), in that stunning seventies shade, mustard yellow. Mine, on the other hand, is NOT (thank God) mustard yellow:

It's cobalt blue! Which means it matches the cobalt blue Le Creuset mixing bowl Ness got me for Christmas last year. And matching things make me happy. I went with the oval shape, because they only had the round ones in 'Dune' (aka beige). Ack. Plus, I think the oval shape is nicer if I end up serving things in it.

And it's got that gorgeous enamelled interior.

It can go from the stove top to the oven, it's freezer safe (although I rather think my freezer might collapse under the weight of it), and - my absolutely favourite part - it's dishwasher safe. I LOVE things that are dishwasher safe, because doing the dishes is pretty much my least favourite thing of all time...

Actually, I think the best part was that it was 40% off. Because the gift card from my parents didn't cover the full amount. But the 40% off meant that I only had to fork out $80. Not bad, considering the original price was nearly $500! Even with 40% off, it was a crapload of money. But hey, if I'm going to have it for the next 40 years, the cost per use probably boils down to a couple of cents. And I can cope with that!

I'm disturbingly excited about using it, and am planning my weekly menu accordingly :D

On a slightly different topic, I also forked out $12.50 for this:

I figured for that amount of money, you can't really say no! (And yes, that's a Christmas stocking on the wall in the background. The rest of Christmas has been packed up though, so no judging allowed!)

Sure, it's something else to cart around with me, but it'll make shooting at 300mm a lot easier. And shooting at 300mm is fun.

See? I took this in my front garden this afternoon. I spy fun times ahead! Now, where does one hire a sherpa to cart all this camera gear around???? ;)

K xx

PS. Le Creuset has never heard of me and I wibbled on endlessly about my new toy entirely off my own bat...

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