Monday, January 10, 2011

Just kill me now...

I went back to the gym on Friday night for the first time this year. It was my regular Body Pump class, nothing out of the ordinary. But what I forgot was that I didn't go to the gym for most of December... And considering skipping a week of Body Pump tends to result in rather a lot of muscle pain unless you reduce your weights. And I didn't reduce my weights.

By the end of the squat track, my knees wouldn't stop shaking. And by the time we had to sit down on the step benches for the ab track at the end, I pretty much just fell onto the bench and hoped for the best... I figured that the 20 minute walk home from the gym would work out the lactic acid and avoid the worst of the muscle pain.

Yeah, I was wrong. I was in rather a world of pain on Saturday. After my little jaunt to the city where I bought my shiny new Le Creuset, I came home, sat on the sofa, and watched an episode of Fringe. When I went to stand up to get a glass of water, I could barely move - my legs had basically frozen in place. And yesterday was just as bad, if not worse.

I actually had to resort to buying Dencorub yesterday. DENCORUB. Like an 80 year old. Great... At least I was able to get odourless Dencorub so that I didn't SMELL like an 80 year old as well... :S

I went back to the gym tonight - albeit for a Step class rather than a Pump class. I'm slightly terrified that the pain will be just as bad tomorrow. I guess at least if it is, I have the Dencorub already........

Walking like I've got bound feet,

K xx


  1. hey! Thanks for your lovely blog comments :) I appreciate them :)
    I have never used Decorub (can't) but I noticed the smell lingers for ages. Did you notice too?
    How you feeling now?

  2. Thankfully, I was able to get the unscented Denorub, so the lingering smell wasn't an issue!

    Finally recovered on Tuesday, but was slightly worried that Pump on Friday was going to reintroduce more pain to the equation. It didn't, thank God...


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