Sunday, January 16, 2011

Going back to my roots

So this week? It sucked. A lot. Work seemed to drag on for about a month (which everyone I've spoken to seems to agree on), and I could relate to one of my favourite Scouting for Girls songs more than usual:

The weather was miserable, I got drenched several times due to horizontal rain, and my hair bore a more than striking resemblance to Hermione Granger's. Again... But mostly it sucked because I had to say goodbye to my BFF Sara - her visa's up at the end of the month, and she's spending a couple of weeks traipsing around the country in a camper van before heading home to England. There were tears on both sides, and then I had to go and sit through a whole day of work feeling generally miserable and distracted.

And then yesterday, I took bridesmaid's dress number 1 into the city to be altered, only to have them to tell me that they wouldn't alter it unless I was wearing the bra I plan to wear on the day. Which I wasn't. So I had to cart bridesmaid's dress number 1 home again. And managed to cut my shoulder TWICE on the coat hanger. Seriously. I have no idea how. There was blood and everything. See?

Aaaaaaaanyway, when Sara was in Sydney a week or so ago, she went to the terracotta warriors exhibition, and bought me this:

So yesterday when I got home from the bridesmaid's dress saga, I decided it was time to go back to my archaeological roots for some excavation.

Here's what you get in the kit:

All the essentials for archaeological work! Or not... Archaeology would have been MUCH more fun if you'd been guaranteed of finding an intact object in a lump of dirt that small...

Being a freak who didn't want to get covered in plaster conscientious museum professional, I broke out the latex gloves and some baking paper to simplify clean up and got to work:

Archaeology is much more fun when you don't have to use a trowel and worry about giant spiders crawling out of the dirt to attack you! I hacked away the plaster at one end until the top of the warrior's hair was revealed, then set to work with the brush:

I got as far as his entire head, and then realised that it would be too hard to keep going that way, because I'd have to keep turning it over to hack bits off the other side.

So I went with destroying the plaster on the front, which led to a Han Solo trapped in carbonite effect:

Gotta love anything that lets you make Star Wars references! Shame his hands aren't right for it to be Han Solo... Hacking the plaster off the back was a lot less time consuming than the front.

Once the plaster on the back was removed, you have to brush the whole thing down thoroughly (which really needs to be done in a well ventilated place, unless you like the taste of plaster dust...)

And then dab it with a damp cloth. That part was kind of a pain, but the rest was good fun. If archaeology had been anything like that, I might have considered staying an archaeologist!

He's going to have pride of place on top of my TV with the Jack Skellington my brother got me in Asia a couple of years ago, and the Ron Weasley figurine Sara got me for Christmas!

K xx

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