Sunday, January 2, 2011

The dregs of 2010

So, 2010 is over. As much as I spent the last month or so of it desperately wanting it to end, it didn't really treat me THAT badly. I spent the year hanging out with my BFF, Sara. I went to Tassie and the Northern Territory. I discovered roller derby and Ashes to Ashes, bought an SLR, and moved house AGAIN. And I baked. A lot... And I spent the last week of 2010 running around like a crazy person catching up with what seemed like half of Melbourne...

Unlike my last housemate, D was around for Christmas, and felt the need to decorate accordingly:

On the subject of Christmas, here's what I got my younger brother:

He's 25, incidentally. It turned out he already had Lego Harry Potter for Wii, so he's changed it for Donkey Kong for Wii - a much more mature choice... ;) Course, Sara and I promptly took over the Wii and played Lego Harry Potter for the better part of six hours every day we were there, so I expect he's taking my being back in Canberra as a positive thing, because it means he can actually access his Wii again...

Oh, and the night before I left for Melbourne, my housemate gave me my Christmas present:

Well, HELLO, Jake Gyllenhaal!! D officially knows me too well... :D

Our flight to Melbourne left at 8.45pm, which meant there was a pretty amazing sunset over the wing of the plane:

Christmas was the usual family nonsense, except with the added disadvantage of my poor puppy being not very well - he had to have a tooth removed on the 23rd, and then turned out to be allergic to the antibiotics he was on, and was generally pretty miserable.

Aaaaaaanyway, the bit after Christmas was FAR more enjoyable. I went to Richmond Hill Cafe for breakfast with my best friend from kindergarten, Char. I highly recommend the cheesy toast. GodDAMN, that stuff was good... I had a mini-Peru reunion with Jamie and Matt, accompanied by cider. Mmmmm, delicious cider...

I caught up with my BFF, Kat, who I've not seen since Thailand over a year ago. There were burritos, Thai food (although I'm pretty sure the pad thai in Phuket didn't feature potatoes or pumpkin...), cider, and large quantities of chocolate, along with a hefty quantity of ugly clothes mocking in the sales. But mostly, there was chocolate. We started out at Koko Black in the Block Arcade:

That's their incredible chocolate mousse on the left, and the summer special blood orange iced chocolate on the right. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good...

I, on the other hand, had their summer special strawberry iced chocolate.
It was pretty damned good, although nowhere near as good as last year's special raspberry iced chocolate. That was the bomb... *sigh* And then I *may* have bought a crapload of chocolates to take home. After Koko Black, there was a stop off at Haigh's in Royal Arcade for some chocolate freckles. I'm not a big fan of Haigh's - I'm really not sure why - but their freckles are awesome. Like an Easter egg dipped in hundreds and thousands. Mmmmmmmmmm...
In addition to a great day filled with rather more food than was necessary, Kat presented me with this apron:
She made it herself, as evidenced by the tag:
In return, being a talentless hack deprived of her baking pans, presented her with both the book and the DVD of Pride and Prejudice - the BBC version, obviously. I would NEVER force anyone to sit through the Keira Knightley/Matthew McFugly version. It's craptacular.
But that's beside the point. I also went on a lens buying expedition with Jamie's assistance, and came home several hundred dollars poorer, but carrying this:
It's pretty damned awesome, even though I haven't been able to try it out to the best of its ability yet. It's a 55mm - 300mm lens. Which basically means it can go from this:
To this without moving an inch:
I can't wait to test it out properly... Although I suspect I'm going to need to invest in a tripod before long. Hurrah - another trip to the camera shop!!! :D
I also got to catch up with Chelle, which featured chocolate chip muffins, and the better part of a year's worth of gossip. Although we STILL didn't get to do our "we're FINALLY able to consume alcohol at the same time" celebration *sigh*. Chelle - it'll happen eventually. I'll make sure of it... ;)
New Year's Eve, being 41 degrees, was spent hiding from the heat, playing Harry Potter and watching (and some degree of mocking - as much as I love it, it is pretty freaking ridiculous...) season 3 of True Blood. A much better alternative to going out in public, as far as I'm concerned!
And there we have it. I flew back to the 'berra this afternoon, and I really have to say, I hate it a little bit more every time I do... Course, it wasn't helped by the fact that I had a taxi driver who considered himself too good to help me with my luggage... Now there's just tomorrow to go, and then it's back to work *sigh*
Oh well. At least it's a short week, and I can get some baking done at the weekend, and christen both my shiny new apron, and my shiny new camera lens. Awesome sauce...
Hope everyone's Christmas and New Year was good!
K xx

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