Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A challenge to myself

I got a $100 Borders voucher for Christmas. And I've been in there a couple of times this month looking to spend it. But the only things I can seem to find that I'd want are cookbooks. And I already have a whopping number of cookbooks that I don't use.

See? (In contrast, my housemate owns one cookbook. ONE. And it's only about 50 pages thick...)

So today, while I was hiding from the 37 degree heat of Australia Day, I came up with a little challenge for myself. Before I'm allowed to buy any more cookbooks, I have to use the ones I already have. The next few months at work are going to be pretty stressful through until the gallery opening in June, so it'll be good to have a nice distraction to focus on at home.

So here are the rules I came up with for my little challenge:
1. I have to make at least two recipes from each book.
2. At least one of the two recipes must be savoury - I already consume far too much sugar. And it's way too easy to come up with baking recipes!
3. They must be recipes I haven't made before. (Or, in the case of my binder filled with handwritten recipes, things I haven't made in over a year and haven't posted on here before)

I have 14 cookbooks all up, so that's 28 recipes. I'm not setting a time frame at this stage, because I've got hen's weekends and weddings and God knows what else in the next couple of months, so I'd probably end up running really far behind my planned schedule and having to make about 15 recipes in the final weekend!

I've picked out a good mixture of recipes, and I'm excited to get started! So watch this space - there'll be quite a few cooking posts coming up. Hopefully they're not all disasters! :S

K xx


  1. Oh! Awesome!! I love cooking challenges! (And cooking books, which is weird, because I usually get all my recipes of the internet!)

    Also: Thanks for stopping by my blog :) - I only just realised that you did :)

  2. Yeah, I tend to get my recipes off the internet too. I think it's something about the effort involved - typing something into Google versus going through the indexes of a million different books trying to find what you're after!

    I was thinking about doing a more intense challenge where I have to cook something from every chapter of every book. But that would involve seafood (which I don't eat), and children's birthday cakes (which is far too much like hard work!). So I'll stick with this for now!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my profile - I'm your newest follower!!

    I love cookbooks, but I dont have any! Actually I have three...wait four. haha! I just don't use them. I am going to try and make my own in a binder and then I'm going to cook from those as part of my own personal challenge right now too. I've already done 3 - and have 7 more to finish by end of March!

    One of my besties from high school lives on the Gold Coast... she was raised in Australia and lived in Canada for 6 years.

  4. I use my binder of handwritten recipes much more than I use my actual cookbooks! But I always seem to want to buy more recipe books, even though I know I don't use them that much...

    People who've lived in both Australia and Canada are automatically awesome! (I was born here, but spent 3.5 years in Toronto as a kid)


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