Monday, December 13, 2010

Spider cake...

So Friday night was the work Christmas party. The theme was Heroes and Villains. I was a little bit lazy, and went with dressing up as Alex Drake from my (slightly previously, but mostly still) beloved Ashes to Ashes, because all it required was pairing my skinny jeans and my shiny new heels with a stripy t-shirt, some 80s style beads, and letting my hair dry naturally so it resembled a bad perm. Something like this, only with stripes. And black shoes, because I couldn't find red ones:

I don't think I did too badly, considering my limited motivational level and lack of time:

Okay, so the hair needed some work, but considering it's about a foot longer than Keeley Hawes' hair was in the series, there's not a lot more I could have done. Course, if it had been stupidly humid like it has been non-stop for the past two weeks, it would have been fine. But noooooooooo, Friday had to be the ONE day that it wasn't humid, so my hair didn't go nearly as curly/frizzy as it would have on any other day in recent times.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, the party progressed as work parties usually do - dinner was a buffet that seemed to be about 90% carbohydrate. But there were risotto balls that were amaaaaaaaaaaaazing, so I wasn't about to complain! Then we got to dessert. Dessert was sticky date pudding, which I don't especially like anyway, but I figured I'd attempt to eat some to be polite.

Everyone had been served, and we'd all just picked up our spoons, and some of us (not me) had just taken a bite when there was a blood curdling scream from one end of the table. I looked up from my dessert to see CC with a terrified look on her face and L sporting a look of horror. After another second or two, I realised the screaming (which had spread to almost everyone else around the table!) was due to a huntsman running all over the table.

Thankfully, at least one person at the table kept her head - CR (who, unlike the rest of us, doesn't seem to have any arachnophobia) caught the evil little fucker in a wine glass and took it outside. Once the worst of the terror had dissipated, we asked CC what had happened.

She said that she'd picked up her spoon, cut into the pudding, and the spider had COME OUT OF THE CAKE. CR's boyfriend works at the restaurant where the party was going on, and insisted that it's not possible for a spider to survive a 200 degree oven. There's every possibility that it was on her plate or her spoon, and it had just happened to crawl onto the dessert in time to be frightened by her spoon. But that's totally not the point. We're all convinced that it came out of the sticky date pudding

Poor CC spent the rest of the night sat at least a metre from the table, just in case another evil spider of doom appeared out of nowhere. And needless to say, when the dessert plates were cleared from our table, they were all still full....................

As a follow up, a massive huntsman appeared above the door of the kitchen at work today. There was much screaming as people noticed it. The good people at Facilities finally got sick of the screaming and "disposed" of it. When we said thanks, we were given the reassuring reply "Don't worry about the spider you see. Worry about the spider you don't see." Yeah, thanks guys.................................................. :S

Checking every corner when she enters a room,
K xx

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