Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shiny new toys

I spent rather a lot of money at the weekend... My *intention* was to buy Christmas presents. But instead? I mostly bought presents for myself. Whoops...

So what did I buy myself? Some shiny new toys, that's what! Well, *toys* probably isn't the right word. But they are shiny and they are new, and I'm very pleased with all of them.

Let's start with these:

I'm a SERIOUS stationery nerd. Officeworks is my happy place. If they sold books and baking supplies, I'd never leave! And there's nothing I like more than new pens. I used to love going back to school, because it meant new pens, new colouring pencils, new notebooks, all manner of shiny shiny wonderful new stationery. Maybe that's why I keep going back to university - so I can justify trips to Officeworks!

The pens went hand in hand with this purchase:

I love new diaries too. So much potential... Plus, the pens mean I get to COLOUR CODE THINGS! And colour coding things is almost as exciting as alphabetising things... Me? OCD? Never.......................

Okay, maybe a little...

Next up was these:

Mmmmm, shiny... They remind me a little of being a small child and going to parties wearing frilly socks and my party shoes. But SO much more awesome. Cos they have heels. And they're pretty. See?

No, I wasn't actually in the garden. I just stuck my foot up next to the window to get better light...

Technically, I didn't buy this at the weekend, but it's still freaking awesome. I got this in the shop at work the other day:

It's Manhattan, in magnet form. And it's totally awesome. Because it's not one big magnet. It's fifty little ones. See?

For such tiny little magnets (they're about 2cm x 2cm), there's a heck of a lot of detail on them:

It's pretty ridiculous. The shop at work also has magnets for Paris, and 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles for Rome, London, Paris and New York. I really wish they had magnets for London too. Alas......... *sigh*

My other exciting weekend purchase was this:

I'm a HUGE Supernatural fan (and only half of it is related to Jensen Ackles...), but thanks to the annoying good people at Channel 10 screwing around with the scheduling and then pulling it off the air altogether, the second half of season 5 still hasn't aired here. So season 5 coming out on DVD was ridiculously exciting to me. I *may* have watched twelve episodes since Sunday afternoon.............

Finally, I got home from work this afternoon to these:

They're part of my Christmas present from Nessa, and confused me to no end at first, because I had absolutely NO memory of ordering anything online that I didn't ship to my parents' house. Plus, the parcel delivery man (have I mentioned how much I love parcels??!!) hid it under the door mat. And then there was further confusion because when I opened the parcel, out came a box of 'avocado' coloured food colouring gel. So obviously, I was all "WTF? When did I order an ENTIRE BOX of avocado coloured food colouring?!" And then I opened the box and went "Pirate cupcake wrappers??????? OMFG, awesome!!!!!! But...where did they come from???"

Thankfully, there was an invoice in the box which gave me a nudge in the right direction. So thanks, Nessa - I can see some pirate themed baking on the horizon!!

K xx

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