Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear 2010, where the hell did you go?

I finished up work for the year this afternoon. It was VERY exciting. But where the smegging hell did 2010 go to?????? I swear to God, we should only be up to about Easter... o.O

Anyway, 2010 - the year of text writing - is over. Christmas promises catch ups with old friends, family, and my puppy, who apparently had a tooth out today and keeps finding that his legs collapse underneath him because the anaesthetic hasn't worn off properly yet... Oh, and one very important catch up - my BFF Kat arrives in Melbourne from Auckland on Friday morning. Shenanigans are planned. Shenanigans involving Thai food and a chocolate tour of Melbourne. It promises to be complete awesomeness. And deliciousness... Mmmmmmmmm, Thai food. And Koko Black. Hells yes...

2011 should be an interesting year - we start installing the objects in the gallery in January, and we're due to open in the middle of the year. In addition to The Year of Opening, 2011 is clearly going to be the Year of Weddings. There's E and M's wedding in March, at which I'm a bridesmaid (as mentioned here). That one's in Melbourne. Then I'm a bridesmaid for Ness in November. That one's in Adelaide. And then there's my bestie Megan, who's getting married in September. THAT one is in America. Colorado, to be specific. And I'm going to do my darndest to get there for it!! Hell, I'm due for an overseas trip. Maybe I'll stop off in Auckland on the way and see Kat for a few days!

So a wonderful Christmas to one and all. I'll apparently be spending Christmas Eve icing gingerbread and making cupcakes - a nice restful break!! :S

K xx

PS. My housemate, D, officially knows me too well. She just presented me with a Prince of Persia calendar. A year of Jake Gyllenhaal?? Hells to the yes........

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  1. Hi
    found your blog on 20SB. I like it!
    I just discovered Jake and there is a pretty much nude pic of him on mmy blog.


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