Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear 2010, where the hell did you go?

I finished up work for the year this afternoon. It was VERY exciting. But where the smegging hell did 2010 go to?????? I swear to God, we should only be up to about Easter... o.O

Anyway, 2010 - the year of text writing - is over. Christmas promises catch ups with old friends, family, and my puppy, who apparently had a tooth out today and keeps finding that his legs collapse underneath him because the anaesthetic hasn't worn off properly yet... Oh, and one very important catch up - my BFF Kat arrives in Melbourne from Auckland on Friday morning. Shenanigans are planned. Shenanigans involving Thai food and a chocolate tour of Melbourne. It promises to be complete awesomeness. And deliciousness... Mmmmmmmmm, Thai food. And Koko Black. Hells yes...

2011 should be an interesting year - we start installing the objects in the gallery in January, and we're due to open in the middle of the year. In addition to The Year of Opening, 2011 is clearly going to be the Year of Weddings. There's E and M's wedding in March, at which I'm a bridesmaid (as mentioned here). That one's in Melbourne. Then I'm a bridesmaid for Ness in November. That one's in Adelaide. And then there's my bestie Megan, who's getting married in September. THAT one is in America. Colorado, to be specific. And I'm going to do my darndest to get there for it!! Hell, I'm due for an overseas trip. Maybe I'll stop off in Auckland on the way and see Kat for a few days!

So a wonderful Christmas to one and all. I'll apparently be spending Christmas Eve icing gingerbread and making cupcakes - a nice restful break!! :S

K xx

PS. My housemate, D, officially knows me too well. She just presented me with a Prince of Persia calendar. A year of Jake Gyllenhaal?? Hells to the yes........

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Roller derby - an interstate showdown

Last weekend, I went to another derby bout. But this time, it wasn't just the Canberra Roller Derby League teams skating against each other. It was the best of the Canberra teams, skating as the Canberra Vice City Rollers, up against the best of the Sydney teams, skating as the Sydney Assassins. So basically, it was the best bout that you're ever likely to see in Canberra.

It was out at the arena at the AIS, so they were able to sell a lot more tickets than when it's down in Tuggeranong. I think the final crowd was over 3,000, which is a record for roller derby in the ACT. The atmosphere in the stadium was electric, and most people were there to support the Canberra girls.
Yes, the Canberra Roller Derby League logo is a set of brass knuckles...
The title for the bout was "Lord of the Rink: The Two Towers" - Telstra Tower in Canberra versus AMP Tower in Sydney. So, in keeping with the theme, the Vice City Rollers entered in capes with one of them carrying a staff and yelling "YOU...SHALL NOT...PASS!!!!!!". Awesome... Sadly, my photos of that bit didn't turn out so well, but here they are ditching the capes for their individual introductions.

Before every bout, the referees do a gear check to make sure everything's above board:

And then they were off in the first jam of the night! I'm not about to try and explain the rules of roller derby (and it's only partially because I don't entirely understand them myself), but I will say that half the stuff that goes on in Whip It! (which, if you haven't seen it, is totally awesome and should be watched as soon as possible) will get you sent to the sin bin - no punches to the face, for starters! If you REALLY want to know the rules, you can read this...

So here's the first jammer for the VCRs, Short Stop, lining up against Winnie Bruise for the Assassins.

Canberra got away to an early lead. Here's VCR captain Bambi von Smash'er as jammer (with the star on her helmet) making her way through the pack...

Aaaaaand here's the ref indicating that she's got lead jammer status! Bambi's an amazing skater - and she's only 4' 11"!!

Here's Short Stop lining up as jammer against Great Bolz o' Fire:

And here's Dee Natured (wearing the green leg warmer thingies) preparing to block the Assassins' jammer:

And Roulette Rouge (who, incidentally, was an intern at work earlier this year) coming around the side to take out the Assassins' jammer:

The VCRs continued to kick some Sydney arse, and by half time, here's how the scores stood:

Sydney put up a fight early in the second half, and the scores became a little more even. But the VCRs kept on doing what they do - here's Dr Hell (who, incidentally, is an actual doctor, and was called upon in the Grand Final bout to deal with a fairly spectacularly broken leg - tibia AND fibula, requiring surgery and pins to fix...) bringing the VCR pack together to block Winnie Bruise jamming for the Assassins:

And here's Roulette Rouge skating up the inside as jammer for the VCRs:

And here's a successful block by the Dutch Ass on Great Bolz o' Fire:

And finally, here's Short Stop darting through the middle of the pack. She really is amazing! A couple of the girls in the Canberra League apparently used to be speed skaters, and I'm willing to bet she's one of them:

The final score, as you can see, was a resounding and well deserved victory for the Vice City Rollers! The Assassins put up a good fight, but in the end, the Canberra girls were just too good for them.

Sadly, that's the end of roller derby for the year. But in February, one of the girls from work will be making her bout debut as Femaelstrom, which is very exciting - it'll add some extra thrill to the bouts next year when she's skating!

At least there's Whip It! to get me through the off season........ ;)

K xx

PS. For the record, I would totally sign up to be a derby girl, if only I weren't so terrified of falling down and hurting myself... The downside to not having roller skates as a child, I think!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh HELLS yeah!!

Yesterday, I discovered this trailer had been released:

I'm ridiculously excited. Also, how much better does this look without the pouty presence of Keira Knightley, the Human Praying Mantis????

How long is it until May?????

K xx

Monday, December 13, 2010

Spider cake...

So Friday night was the work Christmas party. The theme was Heroes and Villains. I was a little bit lazy, and went with dressing up as Alex Drake from my (slightly previously, but mostly still) beloved Ashes to Ashes, because all it required was pairing my skinny jeans and my shiny new heels with a stripy t-shirt, some 80s style beads, and letting my hair dry naturally so it resembled a bad perm. Something like this, only with stripes. And black shoes, because I couldn't find red ones:

I don't think I did too badly, considering my limited motivational level and lack of time:

Okay, so the hair needed some work, but considering it's about a foot longer than Keeley Hawes' hair was in the series, there's not a lot more I could have done. Course, if it had been stupidly humid like it has been non-stop for the past two weeks, it would have been fine. But noooooooooo, Friday had to be the ONE day that it wasn't humid, so my hair didn't go nearly as curly/frizzy as it would have on any other day in recent times.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, the party progressed as work parties usually do - dinner was a buffet that seemed to be about 90% carbohydrate. But there were risotto balls that were amaaaaaaaaaaaazing, so I wasn't about to complain! Then we got to dessert. Dessert was sticky date pudding, which I don't especially like anyway, but I figured I'd attempt to eat some to be polite.

Everyone had been served, and we'd all just picked up our spoons, and some of us (not me) had just taken a bite when there was a blood curdling scream from one end of the table. I looked up from my dessert to see CC with a terrified look on her face and L sporting a look of horror. After another second or two, I realised the screaming (which had spread to almost everyone else around the table!) was due to a huntsman running all over the table.

Thankfully, at least one person at the table kept her head - CR (who, unlike the rest of us, doesn't seem to have any arachnophobia) caught the evil little fucker in a wine glass and took it outside. Once the worst of the terror had dissipated, we asked CC what had happened.

She said that she'd picked up her spoon, cut into the pudding, and the spider had COME OUT OF THE CAKE. CR's boyfriend works at the restaurant where the party was going on, and insisted that it's not possible for a spider to survive a 200 degree oven. There's every possibility that it was on her plate or her spoon, and it had just happened to crawl onto the dessert in time to be frightened by her spoon. But that's totally not the point. We're all convinced that it came out of the sticky date pudding

Poor CC spent the rest of the night sat at least a metre from the table, just in case another evil spider of doom appeared out of nowhere. And needless to say, when the dessert plates were cleared from our table, they were all still full....................

As a follow up, a massive huntsman appeared above the door of the kitchen at work today. There was much screaming as people noticed it. The good people at Facilities finally got sick of the screaming and "disposed" of it. When we said thanks, we were given the reassuring reply "Don't worry about the spider you see. Worry about the spider you don't see." Yeah, thanks guys.................................................. :S

Checking every corner when she enters a room,
K xx

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Central Australia Part 3 - Kata Tjuta

Yeah, yeah. I'm a slacker, I know. Let's get into part 3 of the saga. So we left Uluru at like 8.45am, which was an incredibly depressing realisation. Nothing like having walked ten ks by that time of day to make you feel exhausted! So from Uluru, we headed down the road to Kata Tjuta, or The Olgas. And while we were on the way, we got hit with the most godawful collection of songs. Yes, our tour leader decided that we needed exposure to some "classic Aussie hits"...

The list of doom included 'Pub with No Beer', 'G'day G'day', and the obligatory 'Down Under'. But as the list went on, it got progressively worse. We moved from "classic Aussie hits" to "crap they teach you in primary school" - when we hit 'Click Go the Shears' followed by 'Bound for Botany Bay', I was about ready to jump out of the bus window. Thankfully, we got to Kata Tjuta, and the torture stopped.

When we got there, it was time for yet another walk. *sigh* This time, it was into Walpa Gorge.

The start of the walk looked quite a lot like it belonged in Jordan or somewhere similar, in my opinion!

Sara, as you can see, was thrilled by our second walk of the day:

As we got further into the gorge, it became less like something that had escaped from the Middle East:

This bit was pretty cool - more of the black algae that grows where water runs during the rains:

And here's the end of the gorge. Honestly, while it was impressive and all, it was rather a let-down after having spent two hours walking around Uluru!

The view back towards the plain below wasn't too shabby:

It was pretty nice to see the sky this blue though after the previous day of epic rainingness:

On the way back to Uluru for lunch, we stopped off at a viewing platform where you can see the whole of Kata Tjuta from the one site, which is FAR more impressive than the view you get from up close:

And off to the right, you can see clear across to Uluru:

After a quick stop there to take photos, it was back to the campsite at Uluru for lunch. And from there, it was a sad and dull four or five hour drive back to Alice Springs. Good Lord, but it was long and painful... Although I suppose it can't really be avoided!

Anyway, Kata Tjuta is spectacular, but unlike Uluru, loses some of its impressiveness the closer you get to it. But from a distance? Totally worth the gazillions of hours of driving!

K xx

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shiny new toys

I spent rather a lot of money at the weekend... My *intention* was to buy Christmas presents. But instead? I mostly bought presents for myself. Whoops...

So what did I buy myself? Some shiny new toys, that's what! Well, *toys* probably isn't the right word. But they are shiny and they are new, and I'm very pleased with all of them.

Let's start with these:

I'm a SERIOUS stationery nerd. Officeworks is my happy place. If they sold books and baking supplies, I'd never leave! And there's nothing I like more than new pens. I used to love going back to school, because it meant new pens, new colouring pencils, new notebooks, all manner of shiny shiny wonderful new stationery. Maybe that's why I keep going back to university - so I can justify trips to Officeworks!

The pens went hand in hand with this purchase:

I love new diaries too. So much potential... Plus, the pens mean I get to COLOUR CODE THINGS! And colour coding things is almost as exciting as alphabetising things... Me? OCD? Never.......................

Okay, maybe a little...

Next up was these:

Mmmmm, shiny... They remind me a little of being a small child and going to parties wearing frilly socks and my party shoes. But SO much more awesome. Cos they have heels. And they're pretty. See?

No, I wasn't actually in the garden. I just stuck my foot up next to the window to get better light...

Technically, I didn't buy this at the weekend, but it's still freaking awesome. I got this in the shop at work the other day:

It's Manhattan, in magnet form. And it's totally awesome. Because it's not one big magnet. It's fifty little ones. See?

For such tiny little magnets (they're about 2cm x 2cm), there's a heck of a lot of detail on them:

It's pretty ridiculous. The shop at work also has magnets for Paris, and 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles for Rome, London, Paris and New York. I really wish they had magnets for London too. Alas......... *sigh*

My other exciting weekend purchase was this:

I'm a HUGE Supernatural fan (and only half of it is related to Jensen Ackles...), but thanks to the annoying good people at Channel 10 screwing around with the scheduling and then pulling it off the air altogether, the second half of season 5 still hasn't aired here. So season 5 coming out on DVD was ridiculously exciting to me. I *may* have watched twelve episodes since Sunday afternoon.............

Finally, I got home from work this afternoon to these:

They're part of my Christmas present from Nessa, and confused me to no end at first, because I had absolutely NO memory of ordering anything online that I didn't ship to my parents' house. Plus, the parcel delivery man (have I mentioned how much I love parcels??!!) hid it under the door mat. And then there was further confusion because when I opened the parcel, out came a box of 'avocado' coloured food colouring gel. So obviously, I was all "WTF? When did I order an ENTIRE BOX of avocado coloured food colouring?!" And then I opened the box and went "Pirate cupcake wrappers??????? OMFG, awesome!!!!!! But...where did they come from???"

Thankfully, there was an invoice in the box which gave me a nudge in the right direction. So thanks, Nessa - I can see some pirate themed baking on the horizon!!

K xx

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh for the love of God, I just want to sleep...

I've been having trouble sleeping the past week or so. Usually, I take after my dad and I'm dead to the world within five minutes of my head hitting the pillow. But recently? I seem to spend hours laying in bed because my brain just won't SHUT THE FUCK UP. I swear, I'm going to start stabbing it with a Q-tip if it doesn't stop singing Lady Gaga on a loop at midnight. Yes, I said Lady Gaga. Shut up. We all have our guilty pleasures...

Last night, I woke up at about 5am. And I couldn't help but fight the feeling that I'd just been dozing for the past six hours. And then I was wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide awake, thanks to the stupid family of evil chirping birds sat outside my bedroom window. As I've mentioned before, I hate birds. A lot. This morning just made that worse... Finally, the stupid birds shut up. But about that time, I discovered that however I curled up in bed, I kept ending up with pins and needles in one or both arms just as I was about to drift off. Which resulted in me having to turn over, waking myself up again. *sigh*

Then today, I discovered that a pair of baby albino kookaburras have been found in Queensland. They sound cute and all, but no. I'm hardly unbiased when it comes to birds, but this has to be the scariest freaking photo I've seen in a long time:
Thanks, world. As if I wasn't having ENOUGH trouble sleeping, now you have to add birds that rival velociraptors for terror factor to the equation. Awesome...

Wondering if I can justify taking night time cold and flu tablets for a headache,

K xx

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Further B-A-N-A-N-A-S

Okay, so that storm we had the other night? The one that trapped me in my house meaning I couldn't go to the gym? (Yeah, and I was ALL kinds of broken up about THAT!) It gave us a whopping 87.0mm of rain. EIGHTY SEVEN MILLIMETRES IN ONE DAY... And 86.6mm of that was after 5.30pm... The creek down the street from me was a couple of millimetres away from bursting its banks, which would have been interesting.

We're nowhere near as badly off as Wagga Wagga, where the Murrumbidgee River is at 9.6 METRES and rising, but it's been a pretty intense start to summer, that's for sure. Here's hoping the rain clears up soon, or I really WILL be investing in a pair of gumboots!

K xx

Thursday, December 2, 2010

This shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

Yes, I quoted Gwen Stefani for the title of this post... Deal with it. It's been raining since Sunday morning, pretty much non-stop. Today, the sun came out for pretty much the first time. And then? The Bureau of Meteorology issued a severe thunderstorm warning at 4.30. Awesome... It started raining just as I got home at 5.10 (and thanks to R for the lift home, otherwise I would have looked like a drowned rat!), and it's still going, nearly four hours later.

And we're not talking a little bit of drizzle. We're talking about this:

I was meant to go to a Zumba class at the gym tonight. Yeah, that didn't happen... And the Bureau says the rain is due to continue at least every day for the next week. And this summer has a 60% chance of being rainier than average. Awesome... I'm so glad I spent money on summer dresses.....................................

I'm also glad I spent money on these when I was home in Melbourne last:

*sigh* Damn that whole La Niña effect...

Oh, and my biggest problem with the rain? My hair ends up looking something like this:

Awesome. I just love humidity.

Off to build an ark,

K xx
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