Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WTF fashion moment

There was a woman at the gym tonight wearing denim leggings. In a Pump class. JEGGINGS!!!! IN A PUMP CLASS!!!!! How is that in any way an appropriate clothing choice??????????

In case you've somehow missed the dreaded jeggings craze (if so, where do you live?? I'd like to move there...), these are jeggings:

If you can think of a way in which jeggings are appropriate for a Pump class, please let me know? Cos I've got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING...

K xx


  1. Actually, I think they may be *more* appropriate in the gym as leggings than in the wide world pretending to be 'pants'!

  2. Excellent point, Kat... There was also a woman at Zumba on Thursday night wearing jeggings. I'm not sure if they're more or less appropriate for Zumba than they were for Pump. Different woman, I should add!!


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