Friday, November 26, 2010

The best newspaper ever

While in the Northern Territory last week (I'll try and get around to the posts about the trip this weekend!), I found what is now my all-time favourite newspaper. It's got the best headlines I've ever seen. For starters, this is featured in today's paper:

I bought the 'Royal Engagement Souvenir Edition' while in Alice Springs, and it included the following pieces of genius.

This was in response to a man dying after swinging under a bridge. Surely they could have found a slightly more respectful headline?

This is just awesome. I can't remember the details from the article, but how lightning hit her INSIDE is a little beyond me at this point...

Really??? They need to issue warnings about this up there???? :S

Yes, a psychic predicted that something good would happen to a family in New Zealand, and they won the lottery. Apparently this is news worthy...

This headline just creeped me out. First of all, the word 'recycled' should not be used in regards to an engagement ring. Secondly, Diana's spirit living on in a ring? Even creepier than him giving her his dead mum's ring in the first place...

This was the creepiest thing in the whole newspaper. And also the most hilarious. If you really want to read it, the article is here: It's pretty hilarious...

Really? This is worthy of an article???

But my favourite articles didn't come from this particular issue. One of the most read articles on their website? This one:

And there's also this one:

So, long story short? The Northern Territory is a) mental, and b) apparently filled with sex-crazed native animals. Thank God it's also beautiful, or there'd be absolutely no incentive to go anywhere near the place!!

K xx


  1. The ring is a HORCRUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OMFG, HOW DID I NOT SEE THAT BEFORE?????? The ring is TOTALLY a horcrux!! ;)


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