Monday, November 29, 2010

Baked berry cheesecake

I'll get back to the story of the Central Australian trip when I have more brain power. But for the time being, I did some baking yesterday. It was pouring with rain and freezing cold, so I decided that I'd try my hand at cheesecake. I've been meaning to for ages, it's one of the few types of baked goods I've not tried (except in brownie form!), and my original reason for not trying was the lack of a springform pan. But I've had one of those for a while now, but hadn't christened it. So when I bought a super trashy gossip magazine on Saturday and it had a recipe for baked berry cheesecake, I figured I'd give it a go!

So, here's what you need:

Start with a 23cm springform pan:

Grease and line it and set it to one side:

Then place 250g plain biscuits in the food processor:

And pulverise the crap out of them:

Then take 125g melted butter (incidentally, the photos get a bit shit for a while, because my SLR battery died):

And mix it through the biscuit crumbs:

Then press the biscuit mixture into the springform pan and put it in the fridge until firm:

While the base is in the fridge, place half a punnet of strawberries (I threw in a couple of raspberries for good measure) in the food processor:

Add in 3/4 cup of icing sugar:

(Welcome back, SLR! You were much missed - it took two point and shoot cameras and a lot of me going "Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!" to get the intervening photos...) And pulverise the crap out of it (that's pretty much the basis of this recipe, really!):

Then add in a 250g block of cream cheese (I used low fat) and two eggs:

And pulverise the shit out of it some more:

Then add in 300g sour cream (again, I used low fat):

And DON'T pulverise the shit out of it! Instead, pulse it until just combined:

Then, pour it into the tin on top of the biscuit crumb base:

Bake in a 170 degree oven for 60-70 minutes. It didn't say to, but baked cheesecake is usually cooled in the oven. It looked the end of the hour, so I cooled it in the oven with the door open. I think it got overdone a little bit:

Once it's cooled, place it in the fridge until cold. Once it's cold, remove it from the tin and the baking paper, and decorate the top with the leftover strawberries and raspberries to cover up the brown bits. Technically, you're meant to put blueberries on it too, and just arrange them all in an artistic pile. But I can't stand blueberries. So it's (Incidentally, you can see what it was MEANT to look like in the side of some of the food processor photos):

Then slice it with a knife that's been run under hot water and dust with icing sugar. I couldn't find the tiny sieve, so I had to use a teaspoon, which is why the icing sugar is a bit lumpy...

But it was delicious. And for my first attempt at a baked cheesecake (one with a fairly vague recipe, might I add!), I don't think I did too badly at all! I'll definitely be trying cheesecake in the future, but I might try one that's a little less pink, just for something different...

Give it a go, and try NOT cooling it in the oven, and let me know how it turns out?

K xx


  1. Note for the future: if you use low fat products in a refrigerated cheesecake, it doesn't set very well. It's also less delicious.

    The End.

  2. I'm slightly afraid of refrigerated cheesecake, so I don't know that I'd make one that's not baked.

    Also, if I use the high fat versions, I can't convince myself that it's healthy (the berries in this one are also helpful on that front!), and therefore have to eat less. Sad face......



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