Monday, October 11, 2010

Travel bucket list

I'm not really one for future goals. If asked "Where do you see yourself in five years?", my answer is likely to be "Breathing?". Apparently this is a typical ISTJ trait, we very much like dealing in the present. When it comes to life, the whole house, career, babies (gross and NEVER!!) thing means nothing to me. I have serious trouble imagining my future. But when it comes to travel? It's a whooooooooooooooole different kettle of fish...

So, while I have absolutely no plans in relation to the rest of my life (other than "don't die" and "buy more shoes"), when it comes to travel, I most definitely have a bucket list. And here it is, in no particular order:
  • New Zealand. They have a kleptomaniac parrot, the most awesome quarantine video I've ever seen, and Kat lives there. Need I say more?
  • Egypt. I've been wanting to go since I saw the Temple of Dendur in the Metropolitan Museum of Art when I was six. And since I saw the Rosetta Stone when I was seven. It's no wonder I wanted to be an archaeologist and then a curator...
  • Jordan. Specifically, Petra. Another childhood entry, courtesy of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. And the whole archaeologist thing.
  • Ireland.
  • Italy. I've never been. It kills me that I haven't. It's history nerd paradise.. My fellow history nerd brother, C, went to Italy in 2002. What did he send me? A postcard picturing a statue of a man with a dick coming out of the middle of his forehead. Nice...
  • Switzerland. I went when I was six. I got drunk on fondue. I'd like to go again. Although I suspect getting drunk on fondue will be rather more difficult...
  • Easter Island.
  • Prince Edward Island. I begged my parents for MONTHS to take me to PEI after I read Anne of Green Gables when we were living in Toronto. But nooooooooo, winning tickets to see the musical (yes, there was an AoGG musical. I have the soundtrack on cassette somewhere at home!) was all I got. *Sigh*
  • Russia. Including, randomly, Vladivostok. Just so I can say I've been there.
  • Honduras. I didn't get to go there last time, and I'm still jealous that Sara got to go to Copan.
  • Go back to Mexico. I didn't get to see nearly as much of it as originally planned. This must be rectified.
  • Turkey. It's the archaeology nerd thing again, combined with the typical Australian pilgrimage to Gallipoli. I rather feel like I should go on my 30th birthday, considering Anzac Day is my birthday. But that's far too much forward planning for me.
  • Morocco.
  • Greece. The archaeology nerd thing...
  • Germany. Another one I've never been to and am cranky I haven't had the chance to see.
  • Alaska. No explanation. Another one that looks amazing.
  • Angkor Wat
  • Transylvania
  • Iguazu Falls
  • Victoria Falls
  • Patagonia
  • Canada. I don't remember much, despite living there for three and a half years. This needs to be rectified.
  • Iceland
  • Thailand. It seems wrong that all I've seen is Phuket...
  • Vietnam
  • France. Basically all I've seen is Paris and Orleans. Most of what I remember is being traumatised on the French Study Tour in year 10 when a frog jumped up the leg of my jeans...
  • Costa Rica. Although knowing me, I'd spend the whole time running away from butterflies...
  • The UK. Again. Yes, I've spent two and a half years living there, not including the six weeks we spent there on vacation from Canada. But there's just so much history. And so many museums... Not to mention touring all the Harry Potter filming locations...
  • The Kimberley
  • And finally, there's my grand and rather magnificent plan - flying to LA, travelling up the whole of the Pacific Coast to Vancouver, and then catching the train across Canada, stopping in a bunch of places along the way. Including Saskatchewan. I've always wanted to be able to say I've been there.
And no, I haven't got the foggiest idea of how I'm going to afford all of that on a curator's salary. Winning the lottery, perhaps? Oh, and the above doesn't include the ones I've already crossed off - Peru, Guatemala, Washington DC, the Galapagos, doing the Inca Trail, New York, studying overseas.

I'd do any of those again in a heartbeat. Except possibly the Inca Trail. I rather think I'll catch the train next time... ;)

What's on your travel bucket list?

K xx


  1. I don't really do "goals" either. Just that I want today to be good, and tomorrow to better. Very non-specific. I definitely don't have travel goals - for some reason I genuinely don't mind how much or how little of the world I see, but I make the most of what I have.

    So, can I hitch a ride on your bucket list? Hahaha! I still haven't seen the South Island. And Russia is very high on my list. Chris's too. In my mind, Russia is a combination of "Goodbye Lenin!" (which I know was in East Germany) and Boris and Natasha.

  2. You can most definitely hitch a ride! As long as I don't have to pay for it that is... I don't think I can afford to pay for myself let alone anyone else!! ;)


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