Saturday, October 9, 2010

A milestone

One year ago today, I went to see 'Julie and Julia' with my friends from work, L and L. I came home, sat down on the sofa with my laptop, and started a blog. Yes, folks. It's my (as much as I hate the word) blogiversary today!

It's been quite a year. I've started working full time again. Been to Thailand with my BFFs Nessa and Kat. I've baked FAR too much for my own good, and fobbed as much of it as possible off on other people. I've convinced Sara to get a 12 month visa and hang out in Canberra for a year (mwahahaha!). I've been to Tasmania twice, the Lachlan Valley once, Sydney twice, and my beloved Melbourne ten times (although on two occasions I didn't leave the airport).

I've been asked to be a bridesmaid. I've moved house to somewhere much closer to the city, much more convenient, and with a much nicer housemate. I've learnt some rather disturbing facts courtesy of our weekly trivia night (did you know that the world record for the most number of children a woman has given birth to is 69? She was pregnant TWENTY SEVEN TIMES... In 18th century Russia. And died, not in childbirth, but at the age of 80. Insane...). I've discovered Ashes to Ashes, Gavin & Stacey, 30 Rock, and True Blood. I've conquered pastry crust, yeast-based baking, and cupcake decorating. I've bought an SLR and taken my rather crappy photography to the next level.

I've hit 'Publish Post' eighty five times, including this one. Oh, and I'm planning something special for my 100th post, when I eventually get there. So stick around. There's plenty more snark, sarcasm, and chocolate where the last 12 months came from....................... ;)

K xx

PS. Dear Guy at the Bus Stop Yesterday,
Really? When you left home in the morning you thought a navy suit and tie on the top half, complete with pocket handkerchief, and MAROON TROUSERS that were an inch too short on the bottom half was the way to go?? Dude... Everyone on the bus stop had "WTF??" expressions. It's time for a wardrobe review...

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  1. Was he being an ironic hipster, or just a bloke with no mirror?

    Can't believe it's a year since Thailand!


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