Sunday, October 24, 2010

Full moon weirdness

I was in the city (which, in my opinion, should be surrounded by sarcastic quotation marks...), and it was filled with some incredibly strange sights, which often resulted in fits of hysterics.

The first piece of weirdness was a man sat outside the Canberra Centre talking to his friend. This in itself contains nothing strange. The weirdness was this - the man was dressed in a ghillie suit. A GHILLIE SUIT! Yes, you can buy ghillie suits at Army Disposals shops. But a) WHY??, and b) why would you wear it to go to the shopping mall????? It seemed rather appropriate, given that I came across this during the week:

The second was about five minutes later. It was a woman in a shop that sold tea and teapots and stuff. She was riding a Segway. Of all the places that you could possibly ride something as stupid as a Segway, why in a shop filled with highly breakable things? Also, why would you spend $10,000 (yes, I Googled it) on a Segway when you could WALK?

The third was a girl who had painted her face white, and then done some kind of a skeleton thing over the top. And then she'd made the whole lot dribble down her face. She looked both ridiculous and incredibly self-conscious. I mean, if you're going to go all out with doing your make-up like that, surely you wouldn't be embarrassed by it?

And then today, the guy ahead of me in the check-out queue bought $110 worth of fillet steak, $2 worth of milk and $3 worth of bread. I don't even want to know what he has planned for the week ahead...

Gotta love a full moon - freak flags flying all over the place...

K xx

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