Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fluff season

There's a type of tree on the ANU campus that produces a crapload of fluff at this time of year. The saying at ANU goes that when the fluff starts to appear, you're screwed if you haven't started studying for exams. I was on campus this afternoon, and the fluff was out in full force. Walking through it, I got a bit of deja vu. Then I realised that it wasn't actually deja vu, I was just being reminded of this:

Sadly, Richard Armitage didn't happen to be wandering around the ANU campus this afternoon... *Sigh* ;)

K xx

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  1. The saying is that if you haven't moved from the Uni Bar to the Chifley Library you may as well stay in the bar, you may be able to get a barman's job the next year!! I believe they are Maple trees that cause the fluff and I found your comment when I was trying to verify that :-) Cheers, Ray, BSc 1985


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