Monday, September 13, 2010

Roller derby!

On Saturday night, I trekked down to Tuggeranong. And you KNOW that if I was going all the way down there to Bogan Land, it was for something pretty damned special. And it was - roller derby. All I have to say is one thing: derby girls are FREAKING INSANE!!! In a good way, obviously. But insane nonetheless. Let's start with the fact that derby includes lots of falling down. If it were me, I'd fall down twice, and then go off to sulk and nurse my bruises. These girls fall on their arses time and time again over the course of two hours. As you can see from the signage on the way into the stadium:

It's a disturbingly complicated sport - there's a billion hand signals from the referees, and every time I thought I had the scoring system worked out, a score would come up that was completely contradictory to what I thought it would be. But that didn't take any of the fun out of it.

In the end, the Brindabelters put up an epic fight, but were pipped at the post by the Black and Blue Belles.

I'm already looking forward to the bout between the Surley Griffins and the Red Bellied Black Hearts in a month or so. Although I'll be taking a cushion (bleachers = not comfortable for two and a half hours), and planning ahead in regards to dinner - a Lean Cuisine (because I had no food in the house and couldn't be bothered cooking) at 10pm really didn't cut it!!

Oh, and next time? I'll be taking the SLR. Because while the point and shoot was way easier to carry, it produced some epically sucky photos... *sigh* Sports mode = FAIL...

K xx

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