Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Questionable lyrics...

Last night was dreaded Step class time again. The instructor decided to launch part of the latest release, which - in Australia at least - features nothing but cover songs. They were all appallingly bad - no one needs to listen to a cover version of Ice Ice Baby - but one in particular took the cake.

After the first chorus, we were going "Urm, what??". After the second chorus, it was "Did that REALLY say what I think it said?". And after the third, we (well, I was, at least) were in fits of hysterical laughter. After a bit of research this morning, I discovered that it's an awful cover (I assume - the other covers certainly had nothing to recommend them!) of a Beyonce song.

And the lyrics in question went like this:
"It's too big (big)
It's too wide (wide)
It's too strong (strong)
It won't fit (fit)
It's too much (much)
It's too tough (tough)
He talk like this 'cause he can back it up
He got a big ego
Such a huge ego
But, I love his big ego
It's too much
He walk like this 'cause he can back it up"
Yeah.................... :S I'm pretty sure that once our usual instructor is back - an incredibly sweaty young man (seriously, it's like Niagara Falls) who wears ridiculously tiny running shorts *shudder* - none of us will be able to keep a straight face during that track.
Great. Now I'm going to dread going to Step classes even more than I already do... *sigh*
K xx

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