Monday, September 20, 2010

Old lady FTW!

Today I got a phone call from an 86 year old Dutch woman, asking for information about an object she thought might be in our collection. And she was totally awesome.

First of all, she called me "schveetie", repeatedly. Which was pretty funny, I have to say. And then she gave me some completely unsolicited advice that was nonetheless hilarious and kind of valid. She started talking about the difference between Australian museums and 700 year old museums in Europe. Which led to a tangent about how she'd been to the Hermitage last year.

Then she said "My granddaughters all said to me 'What are you doing, Oma? What are you thinking of, travelling overseas alone at your age!' And I said to them 'Well, I'm old. No one will want to rape me!' So, schveetie, you should save all your travelling until you're old. Because it's one less thing to worry about!"

Old lady = genius! I'm choosing to think of her as the Dutch version of Betty White. Okay, so it's kind of a random thing to say to a total stranger, but you can't fault her logic. It pretty much made my week...

K xx


  1. Okay, I really, really need to know what FTW stands for. I have Googled it and come up with nada, or at least nothing that makes any sense!!! At least not gramatically speaking.

    ~*Ness (at work, can't log into Google)


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