Sunday, September 5, 2010


This arrived in the post for me at work on Friday: 

Awesome. I've been wanting an official Cats scarf for ages, but they're a total rip off at the games, and the sports stores up here don't even bother stocking AFL merchandise *sigh* So last week, I caved and bought one online through the Cats' website (and even with the shipping, it worked out cheaper than buying it at a game). But in addition to receiving just the scarf in the post, I got a great deal of amusement.

Let's start with the care information on the back of the cardboard thingy that lets them be hung on rack in store:

Turn inside out?????? Can anyone explain to me HOW you turn a scarf inside out? Especially when it's got tassels hanging off the ends... I also like the 'cool iron' and 'do not dry clean' lines - God forbid you turn up at Kardinia Park with a creased scarf!!

Then I checked the care label on the scarf itself, assuming that the hangy thing might be used for more than just scarves. It too says to turn it inside out before washing, but that's not what I particularly enjoyed.

No, my favourite part here was the last line (well, the last line besides the distribution information): One size fits most. Seriously? MOST??? It's over a metre long!! Find me the person with a neck circumference of over a metre, and I'll give you...oh, I don't know, a dollar? (Hey, I got my tax return during the week, and I'm classified as a low income earner by the government - a dollar is about all I can spare! Okay, I'm exaggerating. But still. All you're getting is a dollar, dammit!!)

Oh, and I've just remembered that I forgot to take a photo of the "with compliments" slip that came with the scarf. At the bottom of it was a disclaimer - "We only sell Half Cats, not real cats" (Half Cat is the name of the Geelong mascot). The idea of someone turning up at Kardinia Park trying to BUY an actual cat is remarkably entertaining to me. I really need to get out more................

K xx

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  1. Dry cleaning an acrylic scarf is even stupider than ironing undies... and I have met people who do that O.o


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